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1)Democracy Earth: Pioneering a Digital Era of Inclusive Governance

Democracy Earth stands out as a beacon of hope for inclusive decision-making. Their platform facilitates transparent and participatory democracy, allowing individuals worldwide to engage in the political process like never before.

2)Devyce: Empowering Small Businesses through Innovative Communication Solutions:

Small businesses often struggle with effective communication solutions. Devyce steps in with its innovative tools, empowering these enterprises to connect with customers and stakeholders seamlessly. By bridging communication gaps, Devyce aims for growth and success for small businesses.

3)Aglide: Domino in Access Management and SSO

Aglide has emerged as a domino in this space, offering solutions that enhance security while simplifying user access across platforms. Their cutting-edge technology sets a new standard for access management.

4)AiSupervision: Factory Efficiency with AI-Driven Precision

Factory efficiency receives a significant boost with AiSupervision's AI-driven precision tools. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this startup is revolutionizing manufacturing processes, optimizing productivity, and minimizing wastage.

5)Shadeform: Beating the GPU Shortage, One Click at a Time!

Shadeform offers a ray of hope with its innovative approach to beating the shortage, one click at a time, streamlines procurement processes, and ensures businesses have access to the hardware they need to thrive.

6)Celest: Where Dart Meets Cloud in a Fluttery Symphony!

This startup leverages the power of Flutter to deliver dynamic cloud solutions, empowering developers to build and scale applications with ease. Celest's fusion of technologies opens new possibilities in app development.

7)Arroyo Systems: Revolutionizing Stream Processing for Modern Businesses

Arroyo Systems is at the forefront providing cutting-edge solutions that optimize data processing workflows. Their impact on efficiency and scalability is reshaping the data landscape.

8)Unveiling Cedana: A Revolution in Cloud Compute

Cloud compute takes a revolutionary turn with Cedana. Their groundbreaking approach to cloud compute introduces flexibility and scalability, empowering businesses to adapt to evolving demands effortlessly. Cedana's arrival heralds a new era in cloud infrastructure.

9)Pulppo: Revolutionizing Real Estate in Latin America

Real estate in Latin America is transforming, thanks to Pulppo. Pulppo's mission is clear, to create a transparent and seamless buying process by empowering agents with technology, tools, and support. Pulppo's vision for real estate is one of efficiency and accessibility.

10)My Next Derma: Redefining Skincare with Virtual Clinics

Redefining skincare with virtual clinics, My Next Derma brings dermatological expertise to your fingertips. Through their platform, users can access personalized skincare consultations and treatments from the comfort of their homes. My Next Derma is democratizing skincare, making it accessible to all.