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Aglide: Domino in Access Management and SSO

  • Aglide, born in 2023 from the minds of Patrick D. McGuckian and Oliver Colebourne, blends design engineering expertise with entrepreneurial spirit.
  • It revolutionizes access management with SSO devoid of SAML, simplifying processes and bolstering security.
  • It slashes costs by eliminating traditional SSO expenses, offering seamless access management for all apps, including those lacking SAML support.

In the world of software and app management, there's a constant need for streamlined, efficient solutions. Imagine a domino rally where each piece represents an app or a service, and toppling one piece affects the others in a synchronized cascade.

This analogy perfectly captures the essence of Aglide, a startup that is reshaping access management and single sign-on (SSO) without relying on traditional methods like SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language).

Domino of Innovation

Aglide, founded in 2023 by Patrick D. McGuckian and Oliver Colebourne, emerged from their shared background in design engineering. Their journey began at Imperial College London, where they honed their skills and developed a passion for data privacy and software products.

Their previous venture, Team Repair, a sustainable subscription service focused on STEM education, provided the foundation for Aglide's innovative approach.

The domino effect

Aglide offers companies Okta-level access control for any app, using just the username and password. This approach eliminates the need for SAML, which many apps don't support. By providing a truly single sign-on experience, Aglide simplifies access management and enhances security.

A chain reaction of savings

Traditional single sign-on services often come with hidden costs, such as vendor fees for SAML support or minimum license requirements. Aglide breaks this chain by offering a cost-effective solution that doesn't rely on SAML, saving companies both time and money.

With Aglide, companies can manage access to apps that don't support SAML, such as social media services, with ease. Admins can instantly revoke access, control app usage, and monitor access frequency, all from a single control point.


Aglide Product Overview

A glide toward efficiency

Aglide's solution is simple yet effective. It doesn't require SAML for app integration, making it easy to connect any app using just the username and password. This approach provides instant session revocation and full access management, empowering admins with Okta-level control.

The domino rally continues

Aglide can be used as a standalone IAM (Identity and Access Management) solution or connected to an existing provider, making it a versatile choice for companies of all sizes.

By offering a seamless integration process, it ensures that companies can be up and running within a day, streamlining their access management processes.

Toppling the old, building the new

In the world of access management and SSO, Aglide is leading the way with its innovative approach. By eliminating the reliance on SAML and offering a cost-effective, efficient solution, it is setting the dominoes in motion for a new era of access management.

An intellectual unveiling: Beyond the domino

While Aglide's solution is undoubtedly impressive, it's essential to consider the broader implications of such innovations. As we move towards a more interconnected digital world, the need for secure, efficient access management will only grow.

Their approach represents a step towards a future where access management is seamless, secure, and cost-effective for all.

Through the lens of a domino rally, Aglide's story comes to life, showcasing the power of innovation and the impact it can have on the world of access management.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa