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Pulppo: Revolutionizing Real Estate in Latin America

  • Pulppo, founded by Matias Gath and Agustin Iglesias, simplifies real estate transactions in Latin America.
  • Secured $5 million, including a $3.3 million seed round from 1984 Ventures, indicating strong support.
  • Aiming to be the "Shopify for real estate," Pulppo charges 20% of annual commissions, providing integrated tools for efficiency and transparency.

In the bustling urban landscape of Latin America, where inflation rates can be daunting, the dream of owning or selling a home can feel out of reach. However, amid these challenges, Pulppo emerges as a guiding light for individuals in Mexico's real estate market.

Founding Story and Mission

Matias Gath and Agustin Iglesias, both seasoned entrepreneurs with a deep passion for solving problems specific to Latin America, bring a wealth of experience to Pulppo.

Matias, a third-time founder, and Agustin, a second-time founder, have a track record of success in the region, with prior ventures like Kadabra and Tokko Broker showcasing their commitment to innovation.

Matias, coming from a family background in architecture and real estate development, and Agustin, from a family of real estate brokers, understood the need for a platform that would simplify the real estate process.

Pulppo's mission is clear, to create a transparent and seamless buying process by empowering agents with technology, tools, and support.

Funding details

Pulppo has secured significant funding, with a total funding amount of $5 million. Their most recent funding round in January 2023 raised $3.3 million in seed funding from 1984 Ventures and other investors, indicating strong support and belief in their vision.

What sets Pulppo apart

Pulppo aims to be the "Shopify for real estate brokerages in Latin America." They provide performance analytics software, automatic online property listings, a valuation tool, and a CRM.

Their unique approach involves charging 20% of the $166 billion in annual commissions generated by real estate agents, aligning their success with the success of their users.

Pulppo's integrated tool automates non-value-added activities, providing visibility and transparency to both agents and customers. This integration empowers agents to deliver an improved customer journey and a more efficient process, setting them apart from traditional real estate practices.


In conclusion, Pulppo's innovative approach to real estate in Latin America is reshaping the industry. By leveraging technology and a deep understanding of the market, Pulppo is not only making the process of buying and selling property more accessible but also more transparent and efficient.

Their commitment to empowering agents and customers alike reflects a broader philosophy: that with the right support and technology, anyone can achieve their dreams of homeownership.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa