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Democracy Earth: Pioneering a Digital Era of Inclusive Governance

  • Founders: Santiago Siri, Herb Stephens, and Pia Mancini lead Democracy Earth's mission for inclusive governance.
  • Innovative Products: UBI Token for universal resource distribution, Digital Vault for crypto staking, and initiatives like Quadratic Voting.
  • Recognition: Acclaimed TED Talks, Y Combinator and Fast Forward backing, MIT Technology Review, and Singularity University recognition.

Unveiling the Architects of Digital Democracy

Democracy Earth, a visionary venture founded by Santiago Siri, Herb Stephens, and Pia Mancini, stands at the forefront of a movement to construct a sustainable democracy tailored for the Information Age.

This dynamic company engineers censorship-resistant, open-source software capable of deploying democracies anywhere with an internet connection.

Innovative products shaping tomorrow's governance

1. Universal Basic Income (UBI) Token: At the heart of Democracy Earth's offerings lies the UBI token—a groundbreaking initiative streamed through Ethereum to verified Proof of Humanity profiles. Designed for equality, this token ensures a uniform distribution of resources, transcending geographical and socio-economic boundaries.

2. Digital Vault for Crypto Staking: Democracy Earth introduces a digital vault for staking crypto, transforming ETH or DAI into ubiETH or ubiDAI tokens. Leveraging Yearn Finance, users can lend these tokens to accrue cumulative interest. Notably, half the yield is utilized to acquire UBI tokens, subsequently burned to reduce their supply.

Trailblazing initiatives: From crypto networks to quadratic voting

Democracy Earth's impactful journey includes establishing governance infrastructure for crypto networks, conducting shadow referendums in critical regions, and pioneering Quadratic Voting implementation in the Colorado Legislative House—a historic milestone in the USA.

Recognition and acclaim: A testament to innovation

Democracy Earth's influence extends beyond its groundbreaking solutions. The company's TED Talks in 2014 captivated 1.2 million viewers, setting the stage for subsequent acclaim.

Backed by Silicon Valley giants Y Combinator and Fast Forward, Democracy Earth Foundation, a non-profit arm, furthered its mission of borderless governance. The company's endeavors received accolades from MIT Technology Review (2017) and Singularity University (2016).

Open-source commitment: Empowering the masses

Democracy Earth's success narrative intertwines with its dedication to open-source principles. With over 30,000 lines of code written since October 2015, the company has propelled its research, use cases, and vision.

The simplicity of its software design ensures accessibility, catering to a diverse user base.

Shaping the future: Democracy Earth's continued legacy

In essence, Democracy Earth emerges as a catalyst for democratic evolution. Its innovative governance models, commitment to open-source ethos, and the pursuit of a sustainable democracy for the Information Age underscore a company poised for enduring success.

As the digital era unfolds, Democracy Earth's influence is set to resonate far and wide, redefining the landscape of inclusive and transparent governance.

Edited by Shruti Thapa