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Yezza: Revolutionizing Online Business on WhatsApp

  • Yezza simplifies online business on WhatsApp, serving over 50,000 businesses with a $40K MRR and $3M monthly GMV.
  • With roots in travel tech, Yezza's founders pivot to create a powerhouse backed by Y Combinator, reshaping e-commerce in Southeast Asia.
  • Yezza's appeal extends beyond traditional retail, showcasing a versatile platform for various WhatsApp Commerce applications, backed by a robust growth trajectory.

Yezza emerged in 2020, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It had one mission: to empower entrepreneurs navigating the uncertainty by facilitating seamless entry into the online business realm. As the world grappled with economic uncertainties, Yezza set out to make running a business more accessible and user-friendly.

In just a year, Yezza blossomed into a team of 18 dedicated individuals and has since become the backbone for over 50,000 online businesses, a number steadily growing.

Yezza's innovations

Yezza's essence lies in its commitment to making business operations easier. Over the past year, the startup introduced two innovative products, namely Yezza Books (accounting software) and Yezza Canvas (custom business system), both designed with a simple yet powerful mission: to make running a business more straightforward.

At its core, Yezza aims to simplify the process for small businesses in Southeast Asia and establish storefronts on WhatsApp. With an impressive Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) of $40K and a robust $3M monthly Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV), Yezza processes approximately 1,500 orders every day. The platform has not only made selling goods and products more accessible but has also expanded its utility to various WhatsApp Commerce use cases.

What else does it offer?

Beyond traditional retail, Yezza caters to social media influencers who leverage the platform to manage brand interactions through WhatsApp. The startup has uncovered diverse applications, including customers making table reservations through the messaging app.

Merchants find value in Yezza's offerings, with a pricing model of $12 per month and up to $0.25 per order. Given the staggering 50 million downloads of WhatsApp Business in Southeast Asia, Yezza envisions a $7.2 billion market opportunity.

Interestingly, Yezza recognizes similar buying-via-WhatsApp behavior in Latin America and Africa, showcasing the universal appeal and potential global reach of its innovative approach.

The startup's roots trace back to a tech-enabled travel company, bootstrapped to a remarkable $12 million in annual revenue by selling travel packages using WhatsApp. Yezza has now earned backing from Y Combinator and an angel investor with experience at Facebook/WhatsApp.

Why choose Yezza for your business?

1. Easy Setup in Minutes: Yezza boasts a setup time as fast as 9 minutes, ensuring that your store is up and running swiftly.

2. Start Free: Begin your entrepreneurial journey with Yezza's FREE Plan, providing a risk-free starting point for budding businesses.

3. Grow with Yezza: The platform is designed to simplify the complexities of your growing business, ensuring scalability and adaptability.

4. Cost-Effective: Yezza is a cost-effective solution, offering affordability that surpasses the expense of hiring a staff member for a similar role.

5. Continuous Improvement: Yezza's system is perpetually enhanced and improved, providing users with a dynamic platform akin to having their IT team.

Yezza is not just a platform; it's a catalyst for businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. It creates new avenues and possibilities within e-commerce. So, are you ready to join Yezza and revolutionize your approach to online business?

Edited by Shruti Thapa