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The Aquatic Marvel A.K.A Regent

REGENT founders: Billy Thalheimer and Mike Klinker established REGENT in 2020 Aquatic marvel: REGENT sea gliders blend technology for ocean exploration. Advantages: Half aircraft cost, 6x faster than ferries, low noise, zero emissions.

  • Billy Thalheimer and Mike Klinker established REGENT in 2020.
  • REGENT sea gliders blend technology for ocean exploration. Half aircraft cost, 6x faster than ferries, low noise, zero emissions.
  • A future vision where Sea gliders and eVOLTs form an all-electric transportation network.

You might have dreamed of flying like a bird in the wind when you were young. It felt free to soar through the air, past trees and buildings. The REGENTS Viceroy Seaglider is like a Peregrine Falcon, flying fast and moving effortlessly between places. It will give you a bird-like experience of flying.

In 2020, Billy Thalheimer and Mike Klinker started REGENT in Boston, Massachusetts. They wanted to make it easier and cheaper to travel between coastal cities in the region. REGENT stands for Regional Electric Ground Effect Nautical Transport.

Let's learn more about the founders

Talking about the founders, Billy has a background in flight physics. After finishing his advanced aircraft design Ph.D. at MIT and working for Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, he joined Aurora Flight Sciences. Mike is a passionate pilot who appreciates everything that flies or floats. He got his bachelor's and master's degrees from MIT, focusing on aircraft controls and autonomy.

What is so special about Regent?

REGENT has sprung up as the new aquatic marvel, like the Aquaman! It has changed the story of ocean explorations. It has blended and modified many technological features. So what are some of the advancements?

The REGENT Seaglider

The seaglider uses the WIG effect. This means it flies just above the water using the lift from its wings. It can stay in the air without touching the water because of the ground effect.

The existing battery technology provides just a 160-nautical mile range. But, after the upgradation of the battery technology, REGENT sea gliders would provide a 400-nautical mile range.

The Aquatic Marvel looks different from other planes because of its smooth and sleek design. It's made to be thin like an eagle so it can fly quickly against wind flow. The sea glider is 15.5 ft tall, 57.5 ft wide, and 65 ft from one wing to the other.

Dimensioning of the Seaglider

These are just some of the exterior features; what about the interiors? The interior has a flat floor with an exceptional view from every seat.  Two types of sea glider interiors are available: regular and VIP. The double club interior has a side-facing lavatory seat for takeoff and landing. Optional lie-flat seating and Wi-Fi are also available.

The VIP Interior

So what's an advantage for the sea glider over an aircraft?

They are half the cost of aircraft and 6x faster than ferries, with less noise and zero emissions.  They have a double range of similar-sized electric aircraft because of aerodynamics and operational efficiencies.

REGENT's flagship sea glider, the Viceroy, will be up for service by 2025, with human flight trials beginning by 2024. It is a 12-passenger vehicle that functions only on water, with a 180-mile range and 180mph max speed. They aim to expand the number of passengers to 50 by its second flight.

The Passenger Capacity Chart

Here is the link to the video Squire: Journey to First Flight:

Investment and Progress

REGENT founders are expanding their dream of Urban Air Mobility. They made a deal with INAEC Aviation Corporation to bring their REGENT Seagliders to the Philippines. Later this year, on March 28, they recently announced their strategic investment from Yamato Holdings.

Finally, Urban Air Mobility is becoming a reality and is not just a part of sci-fi movies. The creators imagine a future with sea gliders and eVOLTs working together for an all-electric transportation system. Sea gliders connect regions, eVOLTs connect cities, and charging stations are at transit hubs.

In 1903, airplanes were invented, and people could fly like birds. But in 2024, REGENT has developed a new way to fly like a Peregrine Falcon. REGENT used the concept of physics, like the Wright Brothers, but in a more innovative and environmentally friendly way. Anticipating a future where eVOLTs and sea gliders take over the aircraft for a better reason! 

Edited by Shruti Thapa