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Take App: Empowering WhatsApp Sellers with Seamless E-Commerce

  • A startup empowering 20,000+ businesses worldwide, simplifying order management and enhancing flexibility.
  • Take App's standout feature, the WhatsApp Order Form, is a time-saving tool, that lets customers effortlessly choose items and delivery dates.
  • Beyond an app, Take App champions small businesses in the digital realm, transforming WhatsApp into an efficient platform for growth and success.

E-commerce has quickly turned into a dynamic world. Here, giants dominate the online landscape. But in between all this, a unique startup has emerged to aid small businesses relying on the simplicity of WhatsApp. 

Introducing Take App. The brainchild of Youmin Kim, an ex-Facebook Engineering Manager. He is celebrated for launching the Facebook Marketplace and Messaging Commerce in Southeast Asia.

A pandemic pivot to powerhouse:

Take App was born out of necessity during the pandemic. This was when small businesses, particularly in Singapore, were grappling with survival. Youmin, with his Facebook background, foresaw the potential of transforming WhatsApp into a powerful e-commerce platform.

Originally conceived as a non-profit endeavor, Take App swiftly evolved into a fully-fledged company in 2021. It has since, attracted investments from Meta and Y Combinator.

Empowering 20,000 businesses worldwide:

Today, Take App stands tall, serving over 20,000 small businesses across 35 countries. Its clientele represents a diverse spectrum. They range from cozy restaurants and home-based enterprises to retailers, spas, and grocery stores.

The vision? To democratize WhatsApp commerce, making it scalable and accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Seamless conversational E-Commerce:

Take App's secret sauce lies in its conversational e-commerce technology. It is a game-changer for businesses aiming to boost their online operations. The magic? Businesses can seamlessly manage and organize orders on WhatsApp without the tedious manual back-and-forth. Imagine receiving orders ready for fulfillment without the hassle of constant messaging.

WhatsApp Order Form: Your time-saver:

One standout feature is the WhatsApp Order Form. It's not just an order form; it's a time-saving wizard. Customers can effortlessly choose items and preferred delivery dates before hitting send. No more manual messaging, no more confusion—just smooth and efficient order processing.

Flexibility at its core:

Take App prides itself on offering the most flexible order form in the market. Businesses can provide customized delivery options, discounts, and a variety of product choices. This helps them tailor their services to their customer's unique needs. Managing orders becomes a breeze, with a centralized system that eliminates the chaos of spreadsheets and ensures no order goes unnoticed.

Building online stores in minutes:

For those venturing into the online world, Take App makes it a breeze. Creating a beautiful product catalog with built-in search engine optimizations takes a matter of minutes. And the cherry on top? The Link In Bio feature turns social media followers into customers by directing them to the businesses' online store.

Minimize wait times, and maximize sales:

In the fast-paced world of instant gratification, Take App understands the value of time. The Link in WhatsApp Auto Reply feature minimizes customer waiting time. This ensures that potential buyers are swiftly directed to the products they desire. And, yes, Take App accommodates various payment methods. This includes credit cards and local options, making transactions smooth and inclusive.

The takeaway:

Take App is not just an application; it's a lifeline for small businesses navigating the digital landscape. In a world dominated by big players, it champions the cause of the underdog—your local restaurant, your neighborhood spa, your favorite home-based bakery. With Take App, commerce on WhatsApp is more efficient, flexible, and ever-growing.

So, are you ready to “Take” your business to the next level?

Edited by Shruti Thapa