• Sirka transforms lives with personalized nutrition, backed by certified experts and a community-driven approach.
  • From preventing chronic diseases to weight management, Sirka's holistic programs redefine wellness.
  • With $2.7M in funding and a commitment to scientific wellness, Sirka emerges as a digital health pioneer in Indonesia.

In a world where ‘health is wealth’, Sirka is offering a digital-based health service that transcends the conventional. Tackling chronic diseases and transforming lives, Sirka is not just a program—it's a personalized journey curated by certified nutritionists and dietitians. 

Breaking bad eating habits, adopting new, sustainable habits, and having unlimited chat access to professionals every step of the way. Welcome to Sirka, where health optimization through nutrition is not just a mission; it's a way of life. The kind of life we all aspire to have, but just can’t manage!

At the heart of Sirka's philosophy lies the belief that nutrition is the main pillar of health. No pill, potion, or cream can match the influence of the nutrients you consume daily. The uniqueness of individuals is paramount, and Sirka is dedicated to finding the right nutritional journey tailored to your needs. Unlike fad diets with unrealistic claims, Sirka stands firm on scientific evidence, providing genuine, effective solutions.

The Sirka journey: Breaking it down

Sirka's comprehensive healthcare principles cover diet, physical activity, stress management, and more. The emphasis is on building healthy habits gradually, making the journey easy and enjoyable.

Accredited medical personnel guide every step, using technology to monitor progress practically. Sirka incorporates the latest scientific evidence in nutritional and medical sciences, employing Kern's Six Steps approach to healthcare development.

The Sirka community adds another layer of support, a place to share stories, discuss, and bolster each other in the #FriendsSirka healthy journey. It's more than a program; it's a community united by a commitment to wellness.

Meet the minds behind Sirka

Dito Krista (DK) is building Sirka, a mobile health solution for chronic disease prevention in Indonesia, where he is in charge of commerce and operations. Before Sirka, he led business strategy at OVO, Indonesia's leading payment fintech. He has also set up a joint venture with ZhongAn. DK completed his MBA at INSEAD in 2018. The other active founder is Ditto R. He is the product and growth lead.

Behind the scenes, Sirka's health practitioners boast qualified educational backgrounds, working under the supervision of a Medical Director with a master's degree from Harvard Medical School. The nutritionists hail from the best universities, and the sports coach holds a Master of Science of Sport degree.

Sirka's program palette: Tailored solutions for all

1. Weight Management: Whether reducing, gaining, or maintaining weight, Sirka's program is your personalized guide.

2. Women's Health: From preconception to postpartum, Sirka supports women through tailored programs for various health stages.

3. Chronic Diseases: Taking on the likes of diabetes, hypertension, and GERD/gastritis, Sirka's programs are designed for comprehensive care.

With $2.7M in funding over three rounds, Sirka is on a trajectory to reshape the wellness landscape. The latest funding, secured on Feb 7, 2022, in a Seed round, reflects the confidence of investors like Peak XV Partners and Tim Lee.

Sirka isn't just about programs; it's about rewriting health narratives. By debunking fad diets, embracing scientific evidence, and offering tailored programs, Sirka invites individuals to nourish their health and optimize their well-being. With our busy schedules, we could all use a little help to get healthier, what do you say?

Edited by Shruti Thapa