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ShortLoop: Where APIs Meet Simplicity

  • ShortLoop: The GPS for APIs, transforming the chaos of API management into a streamlined, real-time cityscape.
  • Built by developers, for developers—ShortLoop solves problems of outdated documentation, incomplete collections, and missed changes.
  • With a lightweight SDK and intelligent traffic sampling, ShortLoop automates API workflows, ensuring up-to-date collections, efficient collaboration, and confident integration.

APIs are how your systems and people communicate. Dealing with APIs (Application Programming Interface) though, can sometimes feel like trying to manage a sprawling metropolis manually. You deal with complicated roadmaps (out-of-sync documentation), unexpected road closures (contract changes), and the chaos of rush hour (complicated JSON payloads).

Now, enter ShortLoop—the heroic traffic conductor for your API city. Think of it as the GPS that not only guides developers through the city but also updates itself with real-time data. ShortLoop intelligently samples the traffic (API traffic).

It creates a centralized hub where all roads (API collections) are always up-to-date. No more getting stuck in traffic jams of stale curls or dealing with incomplete maps. Isn't that a dream come true?

ShortLoop is the modern architect of your API city. It streamlines the urban sprawl with a lightweight SDK (Software Development Kit)—the secret sauce. This SDK ensures every API is well-maintained, usage is optimized, and changes are communicated instantly. It automates tasks, identifies issues, and sends out change alerts—keeping your API workflows in tip-top shape.

Why was Shortloop built?

“We saw this problem firsthand in our previous companies as the product breadth and team size grew rapidly. In that fast-paced environment, we couldn’t maintain collections and documentation manually in existing tools. Teams slowed down and developer productivity suffered as people relied on meetings and slack discussions to get their work done.”

Developers working with APIs deal with complicated JSON payloads, out-of-sync documentation, and unexpected contract changes. Existing tools rely on manual changes and do not scale when working across teams and microservices.

Why ShortLoop?

Let us dive in deeper, what does Shortloop do that others may not?

Documentation is outdated, collections are incomplete, and crucial changes often slip through the cracks. This leads to frustration and blocked workflows. ShortLoop steps in as the much-needed antidote to these challenges. It intelligently samples network traffic and creates API collections and payload visibility out of the box. This stays up-to-date. Add a light-weight SDK in your backend and you get:

  • Efficient Testing, Debugging, and Sharing: Configure environments, parameters, and test APIs with ease. Share and collaborate seamlessly with your team.
  • Confident API Integration: Move faster with up-to-date data. Identify bad or breaking changes before they become roadblocks.
  • Workspace for Team Collaboration: ShortLoop becomes the single source of truth. It eliminates duplicates and fosters a collaborative environment.
  • Up-to-date API collections
  • API usage and dependencies
  • Logs without deployment
  • Change Alerts

Founded in 2022 by Vishnu Vinjam, Sumit Mulchandani, and Deepak Thakur, ShortLoop is not just an API platform. It's the automated companion developers have been longing for. Say goodbye to juggling between Swagger, Postman, and Confluence and making manual updates.

API management reimagined, simplified, and optimized. This startup is for the challenges of today and the innovations of tomorrow.

Edited by Shruti Thapa