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Reforged Labs: Reshaping Virtual Realities

Reforged Labs aims to revolutionize gaming by using AI to create dynamic and personalized experiences tailored to each player's actions.

• The founders, both lifelong gamers, bring a wealth of experience from Alphabet, Microsoft, and previous startup ventures.

• Reforged Labs seeks to overcome traditional game development challenges, harnessing AI's power to reshape the gaming landscape.

Ever wished your gaming experience could evolve with each move, and be tailored just for you? Well, guess what? Reforged Labs, the brainchild of the dynamic duo Robert Huynh and Oscar Xing Luo, is here to turn that wish into a reality.

Get ready, because Reforged Labs isn't just shaking up the game; it's bringing out something new. Imagine a gaming universe that reacts to your every action. Get set for a whole new level of gaming possibilities!

Who made it happen?

As lifelong gamers, Robert & Oscar are on a mission to make games more fun, immersive, and personalized. Robert Huynh is currently the CEO at Reforged Labs. He is also a Harvard dropout with a robust 8+ years of experience at Alphabet (Google/ X the moonshot factory) and Microsoft.

He brings strategic vision and extensive experience in gaming, self-driving cars, and cybersecurity. Co-founder and CTO, Oscar Xing Luo is a machine learning Master's graduate. He has previously spent 3 years as CTO founding an AI startup with millions of users. 

From Nook to Reforged:

Robert has also been the co-founder of the Vietnamese blue-collar job marketplace, Nook. At Nook, they faced several challenges in achieving profitability despite a $1 million funding boost. This led to its closure. Despite this, Huynh didn't bow out of the entrepreneurial arena.

Instead, he pivoted to Reforged Labs. Driven by a vision to revolutionize gaming experiences. The new venture aims to create SDKs that enable games to dynamically respond to players' actions. This offers a multitude of possibilities and outcomes.

The AI touch:

Reforged Labs envisions a gaming universe where every player's past and present actions shape the unfolding narrative. Drawing inspiration from games like Baldur’s Gate 3, which boasts a staggering 17,000 endings, Reforged Labs seeks to harness AI's power to generate diverse and personalized gaming scenarios.

The goal is to overcome the sluggish pace of traditional game development cycles, where innovations risk becoming obsolete before release.

Into the gaming future:

Reforged Labs emerges as a beacon of innovation, striving to weave AI seamlessly into the fabric of gaming. As they ride the wave of AI's rapid evolution, Reforged Labs plans to use the remaining funding from Nook to propel their vision forward.

With Y Combinator's backing and a spotlight on their potential, Reforged Labs stands poised to reshape virtual realities and deliver gaming experiences beyond the ordinary.

Reforged Labs steps into the limelight, not just as a response to challenges but as a testament to resilience and a commitment to pioneering the future of AI-driven gaming. So, gear up gamers; Reforged Labs is here to sprinkle a bit of magic into your virtual quests.

Edited by Shruti Thapa