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Primer: Redefining education through the eye of the future.

• The article discusses Primer, an education platform founded by Ryan Delk. Primer aims to transform childhood education by providing personalized and future-proof learning experiences.

• The platform offers a comprehensive curriculum covering fundamental subjects and allows for specialized plans tailored to individual children's needs.

• Primer benefits both children and parents, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The platform has garnered recognition and praise from various sources, highlighting its innovative approach to education.

In your lifetime you must have accused your education system at least once for not teaching you the things you wanted or the things which you will be going to be used in the real world. We all go through the same thing.

We all say the same thing about our education system, especially in India, where we learn subjects but don’t know their relevance in the real world. We learn the derivations and principles but we don’t get to know the use of them in things which we want to pursue.

That’s one of the reasons most teenagers don’t take their studies seriously, especially in this evolving world. In the past, information was power. Those who had more information were the better academicians or an entrepreneur. They are the ones who can do something extraordinary in life.

In today’s world, these dynamics are evolving and we face the threat to our privacy has become a commodity that can be obtained by anyone with minimum resources. So now the question is who has the power.

The person who knows how to convert the information into a product by untangling and recognizing the relevance of fundamentals in creation to solve the problem at hand. That’s where this new entrepreneur comes in. Those are the ones shaping this new world, molding it by their own hands into a better tomorrow. Such a vision has been the mission of Ryan Delk, the founder of Primer.


Ryan Delk is the founder of Primer. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor he was part of Gumroad a platform for buying and selling digital products he took GMV(Gross Merchandise Value) from $10,000 to $50,000,000.

He has worked on many new start-ups and funded them. But he founded Primer for a reason, there was a vision in his eyes. In childhood, he was home-schooled by his mother; that was the reason why he believed in this type of educational system and founded Primer with a bigger mission.

Meet the Creation

Primer is an education platform that is transforming childhood education to make it future-proof so that children can become who they want to be by using all their knowledge from an early age. Only how is that possible?

Primer aims to provide a personalized education that reflects the need of the kids and their creative potential. They make it possible for the kids to become and explore the dream that they are seeing from their open eyes.

The platforms provide a comprehensive curriculum covering all the fundamental subjects and tools to make it easy for parents and teachers to make specialized plans for the kids according to their needs.

Primer provides an extra class for the kids to explore anything they want, from pottery to being an astronaut, and the teachers guide them on this journey so they actually understand how their fundamentals can be used to achieve their dreams and goals. This motivates kids to pay attention to fundamental classes like Maths, Science, and English.

The platform doesn’t only help children. It helps parents too so they can be part of every step and leap that their children are taking, and primer makes it possible for them.

Primers ensure that the kid who needs more help gets it immediately but without demolishing the needs of the kid who wants to move forward.

Meet the admirers

Primer has been recognized and praised all over the world and these quotes will give you the idea.

Kids Activities Blog: The blog post notes that Primer is rethinking the way we teach our kids at home and that kids will learn from experts through Primer's platform.

The post also mentions that Primer provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers all subjects, including math, science, history, and language arts, and offers a range of tools that make it easy for parents and teachers to create customized lesson plans.

Source- Kidsactivitiesblog

TechCrunch: The article notes that Primer is building the “full-stack infrastructure” that parents need to home-school their kids, an interactive suite of products that he hopes can “make home-schooling a mainstream option for families.”

The article also mentions that Primer has already rolled out a pair of free home-schooling resources for parents, including Navigator, a tool to help parents stay compliant with state regulations for home-schooling their kids, as well as Primer Library, a collection of free digital instruction materials.

Source- TechCrunch

Bala Chandrasekaran: The author notes that Primer is an ed-tech company with the mission of empowering the next generation of kids to be more ambitious, more creative, and think for themselves - starting with homeschoolers.

The author also mentions that Primer needs to aim for similar visibility for people that have gone through the Primer journey like Lambda School starting to appear as a credential in job requirements.

Source- Balachandrasekaran

Montessorium: The podcast episode features an interview with Ryan Delk, the CEO and Co-Founder of Primer. Delk discusses how Primer is building a platform that provides a personalized education for children and how the platform is helping children develop a love of learning.

Source- Montessorium

I loved the approach of Ryan and his start-up Primer. They did a great job of providing support to kids as well as parents. Sometimes educational institutes forget that parents are part of education as well. I wish I could be a part of that creative freedom class so the time I wasted around figuring out things myself could have been cut down by a lot if I had a mentor with me from an early age. We need this kind of education system in India as well, where we have so many young people but not a good and relevant education system.

Edited by Shruti Thapa