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Pulse Active Stations Network: More Than Just a Checkup

  • Founded in 2017, this startup's kiosks, like health detectives, monitor 21 body parameters, providing health indicators and lifestyle disease risks.
  • Securing $150,000 in pre-seed funding from Y Combinator and investments from ASICS Ventures, this health-tech venture isn't just swimming; it's making waves.
  • For a reasonable price, it's about preventive care, catching issues before they become major health threats.

The origins: Sharky's toothbrush and a health revolution

Welcome to the world of Pulse Active Stations Network, where we are not offering toothbrushes to sharks but revolutionizing health checks. Founded in 2017, this startup is the brainchild of a team that managed the impossible – 100% indigenization of their Pulse Active Station kiosk. Move over Sharky; these guys are on a mission to make every heartbeat healthier.

Pulse Active Station: Because your heart is a precious thing

Think of Pulse Active Stations as your health detectives, sprinkled across malls, hospitals, stations, and wherever people gather like seagulls around a dropped sandwich.

These smart kiosks don't just take your weight; they're like the nosy aunt who knows all your business – over 21 body parameters, to be exact. Height, weight, BMI – they've got it all. And if your heart were on social media, Pulse Active Stations would be following it.

For a minimal charge, these stations spill the beans on your health, including risk indicators for lifestyle diseases. Worried about diabetes, osteoarthritis, or cardiac issues? Fear not, the Pulse Active Station has your back, or rather, your heart. Need personalized nutrition and workout plans? There's an app for that – Pulse Active's app, to be precise.

Funding frenzy: Not your average fish in the sea

This startup isn't swimming in shallow waters. In 2019, they raised a cool $150,000 in a pre-seed funding round from none other than Y Combinator. Fast forward to 2020, and ASICS Ventures Corporation thought they were onto something, investing in this health-monitoring service provider. Who said health can't be a lucrative business? It's like finding Nemo and hitting the jackpot.

TechCrunch even took a moment to spotlight them during Y Combinator's Demo Day – all 88 companies, but these folks stood out. With such backing, Pulse Active Stations Network isn't just a blip on the radar; it's a pulsating force in the health-tech ecosystem.

The price tag: Because good health is priceless, but the machine has a tag

In the world of Pulse Active Stations, health comes at a price – a reasonable one, mind you. The Model no. PAS21 has a Maximum Retail Price of Rs. 4,50,000/-. It's not a loose change, but can you put a price on your well-being? Contact them for further details because your heart, and maybe your wallet, will thank you.

More than just data points, it's about your health

Pulse Active Stations Network is not just about numbers and graphs; it's about your well-being. It's about catching potential health issues before they become Jaws-sized problems.

So, the next time you spot a Pulse Active Station, give it a go – because, let's face it, your heart deserves a checkup more than Sharky needs a toothbrush. Pulse Active Stations Network isn't just checking boxes; it's checking your pulse and ensuring your health is in tune with the beat of life.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa