Picture this. You're diving into a sea of paperwork to prove that you own a house, and the process is just so hard. It makes you want to go back in time when your parents handled everything for you, right? That's where Landeed steps in—the founders, Sanjay Mandava, ZJ Lin, and Jonathan Richards, are like your property lifeguards. 

What’s the problem?

Approximately 67% of all court cases in India deal with land-related disputes. This is due to India’s legal framework of “presumptive ownership.” Under this model, the due diligence on property purchases falls on the buyer with the government claiming no responsibility. Furthermore, there is no concept of a single “title document” leading to a prolonged due diligence phase ranging from 2-6 months whereas most property transactions in the US can be concluded in 2-4 days.

Landeed is building India's (then for the rest of the world) fastest and most comprehensive property title search engine. More than 84% of Indian household wealth is stored in real estate, property, and land. However, with 2/3rds of all court cases in India dealing with land-related disputes, people must have accessible public records to both protect themselves against litigation and provide appropriate documentation for facilitating transactions.

Landeed is not just an app; it's like Google for your real estate. It makes sure you can check your property titles faster than you can order your favorite food.

How does the app work?

You can use their app and check the property transaction ledger going back twenty years in two seconds. They have built a standardized interface simplifying the multiple search methods across states into an intuitive and fluid user experience.

This app is for real estate agents, owners, developers, bankers, and legal advisors to instantly check property titles. It retrieves a government-generated Encumbrance Certificate (EC) within seconds. This document summarizes all present and past transactions of a property going back multiple decades.

Landeed weaves together multiple government departments across various states producing a “plaid-like” property summary data. While government platforms focus on taxing users for civic micro-services and document generation, this product is built around specific user profiles that have a strong intent to transact.

The result of this approach is a consumer-centric product with enterprise capabilities. Search property titles 10x faster guaranteed or money back!


As for the founders, Sanjay Mandava, the CEO, is a two-time YC founder with a background in trading and real estate development. ZJ Lin, the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, has a YC journey too, and Jonathan Richards, another Co-founder, brings his Princeton University brainpower to the tech side. 

Landeed truly stands for simplicity. It simplifies a cumbersome process and offers a lifeline to individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of land-related disputes in India. So, are you going to download it today?

Edited by Shruti Thapa