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Learn Free Web3 Education and become Next-Gen Developer

  • LearnWeb3 is an educational platform for Web3 technologies and the decentralized web.
  • The platform offers comprehensive courses divided into four levels, from basics to app building and web3 security.
  • Additionally, there are professional-level courses on Celo and Flow blockchain, with future topics like Polygon zkEVM, Ceramic, Stacks, and more.

Why would one aspire to become a Web3 developer? What is Web3? Are we getting close to 2050? Becoming a Web3 developer opens up a world of thrilling opportunities and compelling reasons to dive into this exciting field.

In this funky fusion world of technology and creativity, Web3 developers are the masters of each and every floor, crafting immersive digital experiences that make our heads spin and hearts skip a beat. 

For the ones who are new to this concept of web3 and its family fragments, you are at the right place to board the train. Web 3.0 refers to the next generation of the internet that gives more freedom and liberty to hold powers over something original that one has created.

It is one that encourages to have more ownership of online presence and a different experience of peer-to-peer internet. Obviously, it sounds interesting to know more about it but why would you learn web3? 

Frankly speaking, in this world of crypto and bitcoins, it's a better idea to learn about it rather than avoid the topic amongst your peers and become an embarrassment. 

What is LearnWeb3 Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO)?

As the name suggests - is an educational platform committed to teaching individuals about Web3 technologies and the decentralized web.

With their tailored curriculum and hands-on projects, one can easily groove their way through the fundamentals of tech, and the intricate web of decentralized applications.

What’s different is that on this educational odyssey, innovation, collaboration, and boundary-breaking ideas are ultimately the keys to unlocking one’s full potential as a Web3 developer.

It simply aims to tackle the pressing concern surrounding the scarcity of educational resources and the demand for easily accessible learning materials within the Web3 realm.

They're like knights in shining armor, armed with comprehensive courses and a treasure trove of resources, all designed to make the complex world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized apps feel like a walk in the digital park.

This ensures that there is an opportunity to grow in this upscaling world of software where the public demands service; right at their fingertips of phone dial.

It focuses on making the learning process easier for individuals to understand the details in depth, because as I said adding tech words makes it sound interesting but the codes of the tech make it boring. 

With Web3 evolving faster than a speeding bullet, there's a dire need for skilled warriors who can navigate this wild frontier. Thus, it also enables us to participate, innovate, and contribute to the decentralized web ecosystem.

It provides a through-and-through system where the end goal is to be industry-ready in various Web3 domains.

How do they do it?

Their courses are progressively divided into 4 - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. Low key reminds me of my college days. 

  • Freshman - the underconfident stage of a newcomer - It includes the basics of Web3. 
  • Sophomore - the point where a newcomer finds a roomie - It includes digging deep into details and building apps. Knowing the roomie you know?
  • Junior - the point where you find yourself a lovey-dovey partner in college - It includes getting embedded in the ecosystem. Just like your partner intervening in your life a little too much!
  • Senior- It includes learning web3 security and hacking. Because you know you are done with your college assignments :) 

These courses also lead to the professional level under the names Celo and Flow. Celo involves learning about the mobile-first blockchain while Flow involves learning about next-gen built for gaming and assets.

But this is just not it! Their upcoming approaches towards the vision of the exchange of knowledge and learning; completely excite the users to make learning a breeze and turn into Web3 wizards.

Strategies like Polygon zkEVM, Polygon Id, Ceramic, Cyber Connect, third web, Stacks, Axelar, and many more upcoming topics clearly shape their vision of becoming an expert as a Web3 developer. 

Honestly, it's a whirlwind of pixels, algorithms, and sheer brainpower. So, buckle up, my friend, because, with tech by your side, you'll be the master of this digital extravaganza!

The three musketeers

Hardik, Kasie, and Rahul not only promises to address all the knowledge gaps but also focuses on creating a place where developers feel confident about themselves as a developer, thereby creating diversity in web3 until it is no longer known as web3!

What's interesting to know about the start-up is that, although their funding is bootstrapped, i.e. the funds received are in-house funds - The company was able to achieve height in its early stage.

It expanded to almost 13,000 students in less than two months and more than 600 graduates, some of whom were offered positions in Web 3 through the platform.

Additionally, it boasts a community of 24,000+ on Twitter, 13,000+ students on the website, 10,000+ Discord users, and 600+ grads. 

The group also unveiled three tracks with a combined 33 articles. Radicle.XYZ granted it a grant. The product has a promise to not charge students for their education and is currently developed as a public good.

The website asserts to contain education that is industry-ready, updated frequently with new standards, and 100% unique. All of this is a full meal package and free education is the perfect cherry on the cake for the desert. 

That's not it, their future aspirations build more tension within the viewers to snatch this opportunity before it does not come back knocking on the door.

After the seed round, the team looks forward to launching at least eight additional tracks, securing grants from ten more organizations, and advertising jobs on a job board.

Its long-term goal is to consolidate all resources pertaining to Web 3 development under one roof. 

Are you working on an innovative product? We would love to hear your story. Share it with us at [email protected]

Edited by Shruti Thapa