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It's a Bee's World - ApisProtect Strives to Keep the Bees Buzzing

  • Beekeeping is one of the oldest industries in existence, but it faces numerous threats. Several tech firms hope to help the honey bee have a brighter future.
  • ApisProtect sensor is about the size of a VHS cassette and uses a combination of radio networks to ensure that any beehive can be monitored, no matter how remote.
  • A new feature called S-Warning, warns beekeepers when their bees exhibit behavior that indicates they might start swarming 

The bees are a silent partner in the global food chain and while their decline may not be the direct cause of human extinction it will be the start of our demise.

Bees are responsible for one-third of the food the world consumes, but between 2015 and 2016 US beekeepers saw a loss of around 38% of their colonies.

Beekeepers also found it hard to keep constant track of each of their apiaries, monitoring the health and progress was not an easy task, and missing out on a hive affected by a disease or attacked by murder hornets was easily missed out on.

ApisProtect's Buzzing Solution

ApisProtect, an Ireland-based company took up the torch to help protect the bees. Founded in 2017 by Fiona Edwards Murphy and Dr Pádraig Whelan, ApisProtect offers a hive monitoring system that uses cutting-edge technology to simplify the beekeeper's work.

This system does away with the outdated method of manual hive checks and replaces it with real-time data collection powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The ApisPortect monitor technology is a sensor platform designed to be rebuilt into the existing hives.

Tiny sensors are installed within the hive, that collect data on temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, sound, and even movement. This crucial information is then fed into ApisProtect's AI algorithms.

Here is what makes ApisProtect unique. The AI then analyses the data and transforms it into actionable insights for the farmers.

Without having to go through graphs or other complex data streams, the monitor provides clear alerts such as, "low hive activity" or "potential swarm risk" which lets the beekeepers exactly where immediate attention and action are required, preventing issues from escalating before they become irreversible.

The user-friendly system provides real-time alerts on the health of their colonies, including early warnings of potential problems like disease, pests, or even a struggling queen bee.

The benefits are multifaceted: healthier bee colonies, increased honey production, and a significant reduction in bee loss.

“Our mission at ApisProtect, is to save the bees, because if we don’t take action now we’ll lose our most important insect ally,” Edwards Murphy explained.

Funding and Growth

In 2018, ApisProtect secured an initial seed round of $1.8 million led by Finistere Ventures and Atlantic Bridge Capital, this was used to expand and establish themselves in the US market.

In 2020, ApisProtect joined the Microsoft for Startup program, which granted them access to valuable technology and resources further accelerating their growth.

Additionally, in 2022, telecommunications giant Vodafone provided them with advanced IoT solutions to enhance their beehive monitoring devices.

ApisProtect has been buzzing busily about since its inception, prioritizing building a beekeepers-friendly system and offering hope for a future where technology and human inventions work hand in hand to protect these essential pollinators.

Edited By Annette George