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From Manufacturers to You: The Warpfy Way

  • Warpfy streamlines e-commerce by acquiring and transforming stores into global D2C brands, cutting through traditional supply chain complexities for lower costs and quicker delivery.
  • The founders bring a blend of business, technology, and financial acumen to redefine online retail.
  • Their approach involves a big data approach, e-commerce expertise, a technology platform, and an optimized supply chain to shape the future of e-commerce.

Ever thought about the journey a product takes before landing in your hands? In traditional retail models, products pass through multiple intermediaries before reaching the end consumer. The typical path involves manufacturers selling to wholesalers or distributors, who then supply the retailers, and finally, the products reach consumers. Sounds complex, right? Well, it is.

This supply chain often results in higher costs, longer lead times, and reduced control over the brand experience. 

Ever wished there was a shortcut? That's precisely what Warpfy does. It streamlines the process, cutting through the intermediaries and complexities. Why does it matter? Because it means lower costs, quicker delivery, and a brand experience that stays true to its essence. Warpfy is a startup that acquires and transforms e-commerce stores into global Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) forces. 

Meet the Founders

Deepak Garg is an entrepreneurial business and technology executive. He helped found Wayfair Asia, building multi-hundred million $ businesses. He has also been an investor and founded a tech startup, amongst many other things. 

Harris Cheng is a Computer Engineer and brings a unique blend of tech and financial acumen to the table.

The Formula: Big data, expertise, and global D2C brands

Warpfy's mission is to acquire e-commerce stores in promising categories and catapult them into the global Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) stratosphere. How? Here's what sets the Warpfy formula in motion:

1. Big Data Approach: Warpfy takes a data-centric approach to launching new products. By harnessing the power of big data, they navigate consumer preferences, market trends, and competitive landscapes to make informed decisions.

2. E-commerce Expertise: Warpfy is no stranger to the intricacies of the e-commerce realm. Their teams’ expertise is the guiding force in steering acquired stores toward multi-channel success.

3. Technology Platform: Warpfy leverages its technology platform to orchestrate the multi-channel growth of acquired stores. From Amazon and Shopify to Shopee and beyond, they strategically position brands for global dominance.

4. Optimized Supply Chain: Recognizing the pivotal role of supply chain efficiency, Warpfy optimizes for speed to market. This not only ensures a competitive edge but also sets the stage for transforming these acquisitions into global brands.

Funding journey

In August 2021, they secured $125,000 in a Pre-Seed round from Trajectory Ventures and Y Combinator. Fast forward to July 2022, and Warpfy raised an undisclosed amount in another Pre-Seed round, with 10x Value Partners and M Venture Partners (MVP) joining the ranks of their backers.

Warpfy's partnership propositions:

Warpfy opens its doors to partnerships in India with three distinctive models:

1. Standard Export Supplier: A conventional model with familiar economics. But, residing at the bottom of the value chain with potential downsides like fungibility and margin contraction.

2. Profit Share: A model where partners receive a percentage of profit from end consumer sales. While it offers additional margin and cash flow with higher ROI, it demands higher collaboration.

3. % Equity Ownership in Brand: The boldest option. It involves longer cash conversion, significant capital contribution, and lower upfront margin. However, it promises the highest ROI and value, coupled with a robust moat through IP ownership.

Shaping the future of e-commerce

The startup doesn't just navigate e-commerce itself but is forging new channels. They tackle the potential of big data, infuse stores with e-commerce expertise, and optimize the supply chain. Warpfy is building a future where global D2C brands are on the top.

So, are you ready to warp into the future of e-commerce?

Edited by Shruti Thapa