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Direct Dining, with Tablevibe

  • Eateries are now enabled to connect directly with customers, cut commissions, and elevate the dining experience.
  • Tablevibe's free platform empowers global restaurants, while its innovative features redefine the industry.
  • The founders leverage their diverse expertise to transform how restaurants engage with patrons, creating a culinary revolution worldwide.

Ever wonder why your favorite local eatery doesn't know you as well as it should? That's the problem Tablevibe is out to solve. As former Google employees, the founders recognized a gaping hole in the restaurant industry—the lack of direct-to-consumer connections.

In a world where 70% of consumers prefer ordering directly from a restaurant, Tablevibe is on a mission to empower eateries and revolutionize how they interact with their customers.

Cutting the cord on commissions

Tablevibe's approach is refreshingly simple yet groundbreaking. Much like delivery apps, it provides restaurants with a free shop (both mobile and desktop) and an automated rider booking system. The twist? Restaurants pay absolutely zero commissions and, more importantly, retain full ownership of their customer data.

Integrated seamlessly with major platforms like Uber, Doordash, Grab, Foodpanda, and Lalamove, Tablevibe's system books drivers for a minimal distance-based fee. The result? Restaurants pocket significant savings, ranging from 50% to a whopping 80%, all while building a tonne of customer data through online orders.

Empowering restaurants worldwide

Tablevibe isn't confined to a single region; it's on a global culinary mission. Operating in Australia, The Philippines, Singapore, and The Netherlands, Tablevibe is the silent force behind the online ordering success of renowned establishments like CloudEats and Arthur's Pizza.

With backing of $1.6M from Y Combinator (S21), Global Founders Capital, and Velocity Ventures, the startup is redefining the rules of the restaurant game.

More than just orders: Customer experience surveys

Tablevibe isn't content with being a mere ordering platform. It goes a step further with QR code-based feedback surveys. This innovative approach not only helps restaurants understand their customers better but also translates positive feedback into 5-star ratings on Google. All respondents, regardless of their feedback, enjoy a loyalty reward, enhancing the overall customer experience.

From social media to storefronts: Tablevibe's seamless integration

In an era where social media is a significant driver of business, Tablevibe seamlessly integrates with Instagram, Facebook, and Google profiles, turning these platforms into dynamic storefronts. The result? Restaurants can effortlessly drive orders directly from their social media channels.

Loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, and more

Beyond the basics, Tablevibe empowers restaurants to implement advanced loyalty programs, turning first-time customers into regulars. The platform facilitates automated marketing campaigns, allowing restaurants to re-engage with their customer base. With ownership of all customer data and relationships, Tablevibe gives restaurants the tools to create personalized, effective marketing strategies.

Meet the visionaries behind Tablevibe

The brains behind Tablevibe are a trio of innovators with diverse yet complementary backgrounds. Jeroen Rutten is armed with 6.5 years of product leadership at Google, he drives the company's vision. Guido Caldara, the tech enthusiast and coding maestro, serves as the CTO. While Mathieu Sneep, the head of growth, brings a decade of sales and management experience to the mix.

With its commitment to transparency, zero commissions, and innovative features, Tablevibe is more than a platform. It's a culinary revolution, and we are rooting for them!

Edited by Shruti Thapa