• Instant access, zero commitments, and a vision for the hybrid work revolution.
  • Deskimo transforms how we approach workspaces in the post-pandemic era.
  • It is a booking platform offering on-demand workspaces, a global reach, and a mission to redefine the way we work.

The lines between your office and home have started blurring. Remote working jobs are quickly becoming peoples’ go-to choice, and Deskimo is here to make it as simple as possible. It enables you to have a pass to quality workspaces in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the UAE, instantly connecting the dots for this hybrid mode of work. Let's delve into why Deskimo is not just a workspace booking platform but a game-changer for the future of work.

A lighter office, a brighter future

Many companies are downsizing office spaces to embrace a hybrid work model post-pandemic. Deskimo serves as the asset-light extension of a corporate office, aligning with the global shift towards cost-saving and flexible work arrangements.

Instant access, zero commitment

Picture this: a single tap generates a QR code, transforming into your ticket to a workspace. With Deskimo, there are no memberships, no registrations, and no long-term commitments. It's a revolutionary pass to workspaces—just check in and check out.

The Hybrid Work Revolution

As employees bid farewell to the rigid 9-to-5 office routine, the era of the hybrid work revolution begins. Deskimo stands at the epicenter of this change. No more 5-day office weeks; it's about choice, flexibility, and a decentralized workplace. 

Meet the founders

Driving Deskimo's success are Christian Mischler and Raphael Cohen. Christian, a Swiss national and a seasoned entrepreneur brings a wealth of experience from co-founding and scaling successful ventures like GuestReady, HotelQuickly, and Foodpanda. Raphael, a French national with a multi-faceted background, co-founded Gobee.bike, HotelQuickly, and led Foodpanda Vietnam. 

Deskimo in action: On-demand workspaces, paid by the minute

Deskimo's brilliance lies in its simplicity and utility. It's not just about booking a workspace; it's about complementing the work-from-home setup. For companies, Deskimo offers an enterprise account, allowing employees to utilize a monthly budget at any listed workspace.

No more WFH distractions; choose when to be at home and when to tap into a professional workspace for critical meetings or deep work sessions.

Deskimo's global reach

Currently living in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, Deskimo has plans to expand its footprint globally. The platform is more than a solution; it's a movement, a response to the evolving dynamics of work.

Why Deskimo stands out: A complete workspace solution

Deskimo isn't just about booking a desk; it's a comprehensive solution. From free POS systems for retail and online orders to reservations, marketing tools, loyalty programs, and versatile selling options, Deskimo consolidates various tools into an affordable, all-in-one package starting from just $9/month.

Deskimo's mission: Redefining work

Deskimo is on a mission to redefine work. The platform envisions a world where work is flexible, hybrid, and location-independent. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a team leader, or a freelancer, Deskimo's cutting-edge platform aims to make hybrid work easy, efficient, and effective.

The Deskimo team: Building, traveling, and innovating

The Deskimo team boasts a track record of building successful online marketplaces in the food, hospitality, and mobility industries. Passionate about travel, the founders, Christian and Raphael, have visited over 100 countries, blending work and travel seamlessly.

The term "workstation" has become a trend, reflecting their deep understanding of different cultures and work styles. Deskimo isn't just a platform; it's a movement shaping the future of work. 

Edited by Shruti Thapa