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Decoda Health Revolutionizes Healthcare with AI

  • Decoda Health was founded by Daniyal Afzal and Kevin Cheng in 2023.
  • Decoda Health empowers healthcare providers through AI-driven assistants, shifting focus to patient care.
  • Backed by Y Combinator, Decoda Health raised $500,000, showcasing investor confidence.

Imagine a world where medical paperwork is a thing of the past, where patient care is streamlined and efficient, and where healthcare providers can focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional care.

This is the vision of Decoda Health, a revolutionary startup that is transforming healthcare administration with its AI-driven medical assistants.

A Drive for Impactful Change

Decoda Health was founded by Daniyal Afzal and Kevin Cheng, two mathematicians with a passion for creating impactful software.

Daniyal, with experience in the fintech industry, and Kevin, developing machine learning software for a high-growth radiology-tech startup, realized the intersection of AI, healthcare, and finance presented an opportunity for meaningful change.

Their motivation stemmed from personal experiences; Daniyal's father, a General Surgeon, was scammed out of many months’ wages due to financial opacity in healthcare.

This frustration with healthcare's lack of financial transparency led to the founding of Decoda Health, with a mission to address the problem of medical coding and billing.

The mission: Empowering healthcare providers

Decoda Health's mission is to empower healthcare providers to shift their focus from tedious tasks to providing exceptional patient care.

They achieve this through their AI-driven medical assistants, which automate tasks such as scheduling, follow-ups, billing, and more.

By leveraging AI, Decoda Health aims to eliminate unnecessary visits, reduce documentation time, and enhance the overall patient experience.

The unique features: Redefining patient management

Decoda Health's AI assistants redefine patient management by offering intelligent conversations, seamless patient financial experiences, and safe, secure data collection.

With a focus on key tasks and digitalizing data collections, Decoda Health ensures accuracy and completeness while reducing administrative burden and staff churn.

Funding details

Decoda Health is backed by Y Combinator, a prestigious startup accelerator. They raised $500,000 in a Pre-Seed funding round, demonstrating investor confidence in their innovative approach to healthcare administration.

A lean on innovation

Decoda Health's innovative approach to healthcare administration is a testament to the power of innovation and determination. By leveraging AI to streamline processes and enhance patient care, Decoda Health is leading the way in revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

As we look to the future, Decoda Health serves as a reminder that with determination and innovation, we can overcome even the most challenging of obstacles.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa