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Contalink: Your DIY Guide to Effortless Accounting

  • Eduardo Williams and Carlos Salinas founded Contalink in 2015, redefining accounting for small businesses.
  • Backed by $2.6 million from SCM Ventures, Y Combinator, and Harvard H.M.C., Contalink transforms financial management.
  • It automates tasks, saving accountants 80% of their time, and allowing them to focus on high-value activities.

Unleashing Your Inner Accountant

In the grand book of entrepreneurship, the chapter on finances can often resemble an ancient script written in an unfamiliar language. Fear not, for Contalink emerges as the DIY (Do It Yourself) guide, turning the complex world of accounting into a captivating adventure.

Imagine it as the index page of a book, offering you the tools and guidance needed to master the art of financial management.

Founding story: From duo to a symphony of success

In 2015, Eduardo Williams and Carlos Salinas embarked on a journey to simplify financial processes for small and medium-sized businesses. Picture them as dynamic authors, wielding pens of technology and experience to create Contalink, a 100% Mexican company.

Leveraging their tech and ERP expertise, they sought to empower accountants, transforming tedious tasks into value-added services.

Funding odyssey: Backed by financial wizards

Every DIY project requires quality materials, and Contalink's journey is no exception. With funding totaling $2.6 million from illustrious investors like SCM Ventures, Y Combinator, and Harvard H.M.C., Contalink's narrative is filled with the excitement of turning a startup dream into a financial masterpiece.

The problem: A financial recipe lost in time

Think of traditional accounting software like an ancient cookbook – reliable but outdated. Contpaq and Aspel, mature solutions born in the '80s, were useful in their time but struggled in the modern kitchen of digital finance.

Accountants faced time-consuming tasks, resembling a chef trying to cook a feast without the convenience of modern kitchen gadgets.

Contalink is not just another chapter in the financial book; it's a DIY cookbook for accountants. Unlike its predecessors, it's built with cutting-edge technology, tailored to the current legislative reality.

It's as if the recipes were rewritten with advanced tools, offering accountants a versatile, web-based system that automates processes and saves up to 80% of their time.

Why do they do it? Serving financial freedom

Just as a DIY enthusiast enjoys the satisfaction of completing a project independently, Contalink aims to provide accountants with financial freedom. By automating tedious tasks, it allows accountants to focus on high-value activities like tax consulting.

The Contalink team, spread across the Mexican Republic, is passionate about transforming the way businesses and accountants collaborate.

Your financial symphony awaits

As you embark on your financial DIY journey, let Contalink be your trusted guide. Migrate from the outdated recipes of Contpaq and Aspel to the modern, versatile cookbook of Contalink.

It's not just a tool; it's a revolution in financial management, offering you a front-row seat to your very own financial symphony. So, grab your conductor's baton, switch to Contalink, and let the financial symphony begin.

After all, in the world of accounting, every entrepreneur deserves to be the maestro of their success!

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Edited by Shruti Thapa