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Compensation Precision:'s Journey

  • ensures real-time benchmarks, predicts detours, and aids in retaining candidates.
  • The founders combined their tech passion, 15+ years of IT experience, and scalable product development.
  • redefines hiring, ensuring successful journeys in the job market.

With over 500M white-collared job offers rolled out annually, companies find it very difficult to be certain about what to offer. They rely on old compensation survey data, which are updated only once every year. The salary expectations of candidates in the market change significantly every quarter (~7% statistically) in the startup ecosystem. This results in more than 50% of qualified/selected candidates not joining the company due to expectation mismatch. 

Think of as your GPS for job offers. When you're on the road, you want real-time information about gas prices, and when you're making a job offer, you need the most up-to-date compensation benchmarks. is like the navigator that integrates with your existing systems, providing real-time compensation data.

It ensures you're not stuck with outdated information. not only navigates, it also predicts potential detours. It uses behavior signals to predict a potential dropout in candidates. This way, you can make necessary adjustments and keep your candidates on board.

The team that made it possible

Anurag Dixit, Ramesh Konatham, and Anshul Mishra are the founders of Anurag is passionate about enhancing human capabilities through technology, Ramesh brings over 15 years of IT experience, and Anshul is dedicated to developing scalable products.

Together, they're paving the way for companies to benchmark compensation with precision and make irresistible offers to candidates, avoiding detours and ensuring a smooth hiring journey.

In the founders' words, is an API-driven compensation benchmarking tool. They integrate with your existing HR/payroll systems, removing the need for manual data entry, and also getting updated in real-time. It also uses behavior signals to predict a potential dropout to make course corrections to retain them.

This has the following advantages :

1) All the process of compensation data submission is automatic and needs no manual intervention. 

2) Since the job market is dynamic, the offers made on’s real-time benchmarks would be the most efficient.

3) The presentation of the offer to the candidate makes it look more appealing and explanatory to the candidate. 

4) Predicting a potential dropout helps companies put focused efforts into retaining the candidate.

The startup timeline 

  • DEC-2019

Launched CompUp - Introduced first module, which allowed companies to release competitive offers for better conversions.

  • AUG-2020

Angel Investment - Raised angel investment from Founders of Tracxn, Edureka, Glowroad, and institutions like Sequoia Sprout.

  • JUN-2021

First Enterprise Client - Onboarded V2 solutions as the first enterprise client and they are still one of the prominent and proud evangelists of CompUp.

  • JUL-2022

Venture Capital Infusion - Raised $2.5 M round through 3S Capital (Binny Bansal), YCombinator (the biggest accelerator globally), Pioneer Fund, Tribe Capital, and others.

  • FEB-2023

Reached 100+ clients - With a mix of SMBs and enterprises reached 100 clients managing a total compensation data of 2,00,000+ employees.

In simpler terms, is revolutionizing the job offer process. It's not just a tool; it's like having an expert on the table that ensures you have the most accurate and real-time information for a smooth hiring journey. enhances your hiring experience, making sure you reach your destination—successful hires—with ease.

Edited by Shruti Thapa