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Coinvise: A way to make things creative for influencers

  • Coinvise empowers creators to customize their tokens, launch them on Ethereum or Polygon networks, and utilize Coinvise's tools to incentivize and manage rewards effectively.
  • The platform aims to be a driving force behind the web3 creator economy, fostering a d digital world where creators and communities thrive.
  • Embracing positive change and supporting good attitudes are key aspects of Coinvise's mission.

There is that meme which is famous nowadays, or if you haven’t seen it, I will enlighten you. It says that if everybody is trying to be an influencer, who is being influenced? That’s a good question to ask yourself.

I am happy that everyone is taking 'Be Yourself' and building yourself positively and seriously, and that’s the work of creators and influencers whom we grew up watching. The front face of modern society and how their influence can change the corporate world in a moment.

Remember when Cristiano Ronaldo’s removal of Coca-Cola bottles at the Euro 2020 press conference on Monday resulted in $4 Billion being down in the company’s market value? Or recently, the elimination of Puneet Superstar’s exit from JioCinema’s rating decreased by over 20%.

This tremendous influence is kind of terrifying and amazing as well. Everything is said to be a double-edged sword. And to use it for good is the responsibility of the creators to help them grow with the same positivity Jenil Thakker created.

Who is Jenil Thakker?

Jenil Thakker is none other than the person behind Coinvise, and he's not just any ordinary leader. He's an experienced entrepreneur and a visionary thinker who has been crucial in shaping Coinvise's success.

Jenil Thakker has a strong background in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. He's been actively involved in this exciting industry for many years and has become really knowledgeable about it. He's also started other successful companies before Coinvise, so he knows what he's doing.

Thakker is a great mentor for Coinvise because he understands the cryptocurrency and blockchain world so well. He knows all the ins and outs, which helps him lead Coinvise in the right direction and make it grow. His leadership skills and ideas have made Coinvise a top platform for communities and creators in the web3 space.

How did it all begin?

The inspiration behind Coinvise came from wanting to help creators and communities in the web3 economy. Coinvise wants to give them the tools they need to manage their rewards, create incentives, and build their audience.

The founders saw that blockchain technology could change the way communities interact and engage with their members. They wanted to use this technology to empower creators and help communities grow.

The vision for Coinvise is to be the foundation for web3 communities, where creating things on the internet is like playing a multiplayer game. The founders imagine a future where communities have special powers, and where creators can easily create and manage social tokens on Ethereum.

They want to give communities a powerful way to reward their members and keep them engaged. Coinvise doesn't just want to be a platform; it wants to be a driving force behind the web3 creator economy, where creators and communities can thrive in a decentralized digital world.

What is “Coinvise”?

Coinvise founded in 2020 by Jenil Thakker is like a special platform that helps communities give rewards to their members. It's a way to encourage people to contribute more to the community. With Coinvise, communities can easily give their members tokens or other digital things as rewards.

The best part is that Coinvise is really easy to use. You don't need to be a tech expert to use it. It is designed to be simple and friendly so that anyone can use it. It's all about making communities happy and rewarding their awesome members!

With Coinvise, creators, and communities can make enjoyable rewards using their social tokens. They can create all kinds of cool things like giving out tokens to people, doing airdrops, crowdfunding, or even giving exclusive access to special content or things called NFTs. These rewards make people in the community feel excited and part of something special!

What else does it offer?

Coinvise also helps creators and communities manage and give out rewards easily. They have tools to keep track of who gets what tokens based on certain things they do in the community. This makes sure that rewards are given fairly, and everyone is happy!

And guess what? Coinvise lets creators make their special pages for people to claim their tokens and NFTs. It's like having a custom page just for them to get their cool rewards. It looks really professional and makes the whole experience even more awesome!

So, with Coinvise, creators and communities can make their own tokens, create exciting rewards, manage them easily, and give people a special way to claim their rewards. It's all about making everyone in the community feel happy and part of something amazing!

What is unique about it?

Coinvise is a platform that helps creators raise money for their projects by using social tokens. Instead of regular rewards, creators give social tokens to people who support their projects. It's like a way to say thank you and encourage others to join in!

In the web3 world they can make their own tokens and come up with fun ways to reward their community. It's a way for creators to make money from their work and give back to their awesome community members.

Coinvise gives freedom to the creators where they can do really cool things for their community. It's all about making the community members feel special and appreciated!

How does it work?

Once you have your account, you can start creating your tokens on either Ethereum or Polygon network. You're the boss of your tokens, and Coinvise doesn't take any of them.

After creating your tokens, you can make them special by customizing the name, symbol, and total supply. You can also decide how to give them out and set up cool rewards.

When everything is set up, you can launch your social token on Ethereum or Polygon. It's like showing the world your awesome token for your community to use.

With your social token ready, you can make fun incentives with Coinvise's tools. You can give out tokens, do special events, crowdfunding, and even create cool things called NFTs.

Coinvise also helps you manage and give out rewards easily. You can keep track of who gets what tokens based on certain things they do in the community. It's like making sure everyone gets their fair share! This whole supporting good attitude is necessary in the mind of an individual, and this is what will get you through the bad days with emerging tech.

Edited by Shruti Thapa