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Augmenta - Leveling the Playing Field for Farmers

  • Augmenta's AI-powered Field Analyzer uses real-time data to analyze crops and precisely apply fertilizer, optimizing resource use.
  • Its plug-and-play design ensures compatibility with most existing tractors and sprayers.
  • The company's partnership with Arva Intelligence allows them to combine their data with AI modeling, offering farmers even more advanced tools and promoting carbon offset opportunities.

Augmenta is a Greek agrotech company that is transforming farming with its innovative Field Analyzer.

This AI-powered smart, robotic system helps farmers accurately fertilize and spray their fields, maximizing yield and efficiently utilizing resources.

In 2016, Augmenta Technologies emerged as a tech startup with a mission to simplify farm operations and enable farmers to achieve more with fewer resources.

Co-founders Dimitris (Jim) Evangelopoulos and George Varvarelis put their minds together to develop cutting-edge solutions, combining their backgrounds in electronics and farming.

The Augmeta Field Analyzer software uses a multi-spectral camera to scan and analyze the crop durability bit by bit and calculates the required fertilizer dose allowing for variable rate applications (VRA) of fertilizer, desiccants, and other crop treatments, all in real-time.

This assures the spraying of the required amounts to specific areas within the field, thus eliminating any unnecessary waste and ensuring that each plant receives the precise care it needs.

Since its inception, this system has helped farmers all over and boasts impressive results. It has not only increased profitability but has also become a more sustainable farming tool.

“Our goal is to be within reach of every farmer. No average farmer could afford to buy anything with the ‘precision agriculture’ title so far,” said George Varvarelis, Augmenta’s founder and CEO. “By bringing retrofit equipment to the market, farmers in India, China and Africa can eventually use this system.”

The Augmenta Field Analyzer offers a suite of features;

Field Analytics

  • Maps of crop health indicators
  • Detection through artificial intelligence and photography in 4K resolution, of problematic areas in the field.
  • Generate detailed reports and easily download them from the web platform
  • Import / Export Shapefile Files

Fleet Management

  • Monitoring the position of tractors and covered acres he worked
  • Accessory Analytics
  • Speed ​​and applied dose analysis

Financial Data

  • Calculation of depreciation/acre using yield maps
  • Historical economic data

The plug-and-play design ensures compatibility with most existing tractors and sprayers.

This real-time data allows adjustments to be made throughout the growing season, optimizing crop management strategies.

Farmer Approved

Canadian Brady Fahlman, a fifth-generation farmer from Holdfast, Saskatchewan, shares his journey to bring the benefits of automation to his farm.

Over the past decade, Fahlman Acres has been an early adopter of new technologies. The latest technology from Raven used on the farm is the Augmenta field analyzer. 

Augmenta caught his attention with its ease of installation and compatibility with the most common machinery.

Fahlman said when he heard that Augmenta’s camera placed on top of a cab can span 138 feet, he knew it was the “easiest solution.” Plus, booms would not need to be changed, nor other items added to the sprayer.

You can read more about Brady's quest to find better ways to manage his farm and increase productivity and profitability.

Augmenta: Funding Success and Growing

In October 2019, they raised $2.5 million to make precision agriculture affordable for all farmers.

In 2023, they secured an $8 million Series A round led by CNH Industrial, a major agricultural equipment manufacturer.

Augmenta's impressive collaborations underscore the change and improvement they have brought about.

In 2022, they partnered with Arva Intelligence to combine Augmenta's field-level data with Arva's AI modeling. This empowers farmers with in-field analytics, automation capabilities, and even opportunities for carbon offset credits, promoting both environmental and economic benefits.

Augmenta is transforming agriculture and altering the way farmers manage their fields, leading to a future of abundant harvests and responsible resource use.

Edited By Annette George