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In a world where innovation drives progress, each week brings forth a new wave of startups striving to make their mark on various industries. This past week has been no exception, with a diverse array of ventures showcasing their groundbreaking solutions. We have covered startups from Canada to Web3 and finally ended with top trending news. Here are some of them:

Truss: A New Era in Construction Banking
Truss is all about a transformative shift in the construction industry, where traditional processes are being infused with cutting-edge technology. By introducing innovative banking solutions tailored specifically for the construction sector, Truss is streamlining financial transactions, enhancing transparency, and mitigating risks.

Rally Video: Revolutionizing Online Socializing
In an age where virtual connectivity has become paramount, Rally Video is carving out its niche by revolutionizing online socializing. Rally Video is facilitating meaningful interactions and fostering communities across the digital realm.

Hudson Labs Reforming Finance AI
With the power of machine learning and data analytics, Hudson Labs is empowering financial institutions to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and mitigate risks. In an era where data is king, Hudson Labs' cutting-edge approach is reshaping financial operations.

Curvenote Catalyzing Scientific Discovery
Curvenote, a startup providing collaborative tools and workflows tailored for scientists, Curvenote is accelerating the pace of discovery and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

Terrace: Your All-in-One Digital Asset Trading Platform
Terrace, an all-in-one trading platform poised to democratize access to financial markets. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, Terrace is empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of digital asset trading with confidence and ease.

Renewable Energy Trading with Jasmine Energy
Jasmine Energy seamlessly integrates centralized & decentralized trading venues for renewable energy. Streamlines trading with fast settlement times & flexible authentication options. Additionally, empowers users with comprehensive reporting tools & democratizes renewable energy access

PrimeVault: Revolutionizing Digital Asset Management for Institutions
By offering institutional-grade custody solutions and portfolio management tools, PrimeVault is in a new era of security and compliance in the digital asset space. PrimeVault is backed by industry leaders, and poised to redefine digital asset management.

Varda Space Industries Raises $90M in Series B
The sky is not the limit for Varda Space Industries, as evidenced by their recent success in securing $90 million in Series B funding. With ambitions to change the game of space manufacturing, Varda is here to reshape the future of extraterrestrial exploration and commerce.

Zepto Hits $1B Sales, Dominates Quick-Commerce
Zepto's meteoric rise in the quick-commerce underscores the growing demand for seamless, on-demand delivery services. With $1 billion in sales, Zepto has firmly established itself as a dominant player in the fast-paced world of instant gratification. Unveils Next-Gen ML SoC for AI Edge
The edge of possibility expands with's next-generation machine learning System-on-Chip (SoC). By pushing the boundaries of AI at the edge, is bringing forth a new wave of applications across industries, from autonomous vehicles to smart cities.