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Terrace, your All-in-One Digital Asset Trading Platform

  • Terrace, unifies centralized & decentralized trading venues seamlessly.
  • Advanced execution algorithms & portfolio management.
  • Comprehensive reporting, custody options & industry-leading support.

In the world of cryptocurrency trading, finding the right platform can feel like searching for a specific grain of sand on a vast beach. But fear not, because Terrace has arrived to make your trading journey smoother than ever before.

Founders' Journey

Let's start with a little backstory. Terrace was brought to life by Jesse Beller and Sola Ogunsakin, a dynamic duo with loads of experience in both traditional finance and the exciting realm of crypto. They saw the need for a platform that simplifies trading for everyone, and thus, Terrace was born.

The Terrace advantage

So, what makes Terrace so special? Well, here's the lowdown.

  • Order & Execution Management: Terrace uses fancy algorithms to make sure your trades are executed perfectly across various trading venues, whether they are centralized or decentralized.
  • Portfolio Management: Keeping track of your crypto stash is a breeze with Terrace. You can easily hop between different platforms and exchanges, all from one handy interface.
  • Reporting: No more headaches from trying to figure out your portfolio manually. Terrace gives you detailed reports and tools to keep tabs on everything you own, both on and off the blockchain.
  • Custody Options: Worried about keeping your digital assets safe? Terrace offers options for both third-party custody and self-custody, so you can sleep soundly knowing your crypto is secure.

The numbers speak volumes

Terrace isn't just talk—it's backed up by some impressive stats:

  • 30+ Venues: Access top-notch trading platforms, both centralized and decentralized, all through Terrace.
  • 120k+ Pools: Dive into a massive pool of liquidity, giving you plenty of opportunities to trade and invest.
  • 8+ Chains: Terrace lets you trade across multiple blockchain networks, giving you maximum flexibility.

Join the Terrace revolution

Ready to level up your crypto trading game? Join the Terrace crew today and see for yourself why it's the future of digital asset trading. For more info and to sign up, head over to Terrace.


In a sea of crypto trading platforms, Terrace shines bright as a beacon of innovation and reliability. With its easy-to-use features, slick interface, and big-name backers, Terrace is changing the game.

So why settle for average when you can trade with Terrace? Join the revolution and take your trading to new heights today!

Edited by Shruti Thapa