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Rally Video Transforming Online Socializing

Discover Rally Video, a revolutionary platform transforming online social bonding. With seamless breakout rooms, immersive experiences, and easy embedding, Rally Video is redefining virtual events.

  • Rally Video, founded by Ali Jiwani, offers a platform for seamless online team-building activities.
  • Raised $1,000,000 in seed funding from Bain Capital Ventures and others.
  • Allows customizable venues, easy movement between groups, immersive experience, and seamless embedding into websites.

Imagine hosting incredible team-building activities online, effortlessly setting up, and hopping between breakout rooms with just one click. This is the essence of Rally Video, a platform designed to make online events more collaborative and fun.

As mentioned, Rally Video is like Zoom for social events, offering a unique experience that goes beyond traditional video conferencing.

The Founding Story

Rally Video was founded by Ali Jiwani, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for bringing people together. Ali previously founded companies in the health and food/logistics spaces, and Rally Video is his latest endeavor to recreate social gatherings online.

Funding details

Rally Video has received significant support, raising $1,000,000 in seed funding from Bain Capital Ventures and other investors. This funding has enabled Rally Video to further develop its platform and reach a wider audience.

Why Rally Video stands out?

Rally Video is designed for both small and large group gatherings, offering interactive and engaging experiences for up to 200 participants. Unlike traditional video conferencing platforms, Rally Video allows users to customize their venues and rooms, creating a unique space for each event. You can look at their videos on guiding on the purpose and methodology of usage:

Source: RallyVideo

Unique features

According to their website, here are a couple of features, that set them apart:

Freedom to Mingle: Users can easily break off and move around freely between different groups, mimicking the experience of chatting and mingling at a real event.

Immersive Experience: Rally Video creates a sense of being in the same space as others, with adjustable background volume to match the energy of the room.

Broadcast to the Room: Presenters can address a live audience without their sound being cut off, allowing for more engaging presentations and discussions.

Easy Embedding: Rally Video can be seamlessly added to any website or event platform, offering the same great features with customizable branding options.


Rally Video is not just a video conferencing platform; it's a revolution in how we socialize and connect online. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, it is changing the way we think about virtual events.

While Rally Video offers a compelling solution for online social bonding, it's important to evaluate its features and benefits in the context of organizational or personal needs.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa