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Zywa: Financial Freedom for Gen Z in the MENA Region

Zywa the neobank for Gen Z, reshapes financial independence with an exclusive app.

• Features include all-time salary access, instant bill payments, and shopping with rewards.

• Led by founders Alok Kumar and Nuha Hashem, it aims to redefine financial freedom for teenagers and young adults.

When you turn into a teen, you want to start having your independence and having a bit of cash to call your own. There's something quite grown-up and fancy about spending your own money. But giving a teen the responsibility of managing their finances is the last thing on a parent's mind.

Meet Zywa, the neobank designed exclusively for the generation of 10 to 25-year-olds in the Middle East and North Africa. Zywa is a payment app that empowers teens to navigate the financial world without the fuss of cash.

From spending and receiving money to enjoying rewards and connecting with friends, Zywa has brought financial independence into Gen Z's daily life.

What's Zywa all about?

As the first payments app tailored for Gen Z, Zywa doesn't just offer a MasterCard card; it provides an entire ecosystem to manage money efficiently. The perks? The ability to pay anywhere, split bills seamlessly, save for specific goals, earn rewards on every spend, and even indulge in a bit of gaming for exciting prizes like iPhones and PlayStation consoles.

Community first, banking second

What sets Zywa apart is not just its features but its ethos. The platform boasts the largest community of like-minded Gen Z individuals. Once you're a Zywa member, you gain access to the exclusive Discord community, unlocking benefits, and invites to special events. Zywa goes beyond transactions; it creates a space for learning, and making friends, and even offers internship opportunities.

Visionaries behind Zywa

Alok Kumar, a second-time founder with a background in management consulting in Saudi Arabia, and Nuha Hashem, an iOS developer with an electrical engineering background, lead the charge at Zywa. Alok's experience in financial inclusion aligns perfectly with Zywa's mission.

Nuha's journey from pursuing a Ph.D. in the US to becoming the tech leader at Zywa brings a unique perspective to the team.

Not your average bank

Acting as an e-wallet, Zywa's MasterCard serves as a prepaid card without the burden of overdrafts or debt. In partnership with NymCard Payments Services LLC, a regulated entity by the Central Bank, Zywa ensures that your money is securely stored in Mashreq Bank.

The Zywa experience: Features at a glance

- All-time Salary Access: Break free from the constraints of traditional payroll cycles. Zywa empowers users to access their salaries whenever needed, with flexible repayment options.

- Instant Bill Payments: No more bill payment hassles. Zywa allows users to settle bills instantly through the app, eliminating the need for entering credit or debit card details.

- Money Transfers: Seamlessly transfer money between users through the app, making financial transactions secure and effortless.

- Shopping Installments: Transform your shopping experience with flexible repayments of up to 10 months from a network of top stores.

How to join the Zywa revolution?

1. Download Zywa: Head to the App Store or Play Store, and download Zywa on your phone.

2. Sign Up: Complete the signup process using your Emirates ID. It takes a mere 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Verification: It will verify the details and open your account within a maximum of two hours.

4. Activation: Your virtual card is instantly activated, ready to be used anywhere online.

5. Physical Card Delivery: Your physical card will be delivered for free by SMSA within 7 to 10 working days.

And if you're under 18, your parents can create an account.

With innovation, accessibility, and empowerment, the startup is challenging the norms and transforming finance for the better. The next generation will embrace their full financial potential with the help of Zywa.

Edited by Shruti Thapa