• Founded by Dee Goens, Zora aims to make the internet free and valuable.

• Zora Marketplace has been active since 2020, and it is based on the ETH blockchain and NFTs.

• It offers pod-cast with different people on mainstream topics, featuring people and getting them value.

Until now, we've mostly seen 'NFTs', which are unique digital assets that are recorded on a blockchain, typically on the Ethereum blockchain, that were made and then auctioned off.

Ethereum is a network comprising numerous communities and a collection of tools that allow people to interact and transact without being governed by a single entity. You retain control over your data and what is shared, so using Ethereum doesn't require you to give up all of your personal information.  

With the newly developing Web03 technology, users will be able to build an NFT at any live event, such as a show or a competition, and auction it off to their audience. This will be a game changer for several fields, like the sports, esports, and fashion industries, for their business model and also especially for different kinds of arts. They can showcase their creation directly to the customers.

Web3, emphasizes ownership, transaction transparency, and decentralized management of every aspect of business. However, there is a limitation: NFTs do not travel directly to collectors; instead, like traditional currency transfer systems, they go through some broker to the creator. In the circumstances like this, however, cutting-edge technology helps to eliminate unfavorable approaches. 

Introducing 'Zora'

Zora is designed to provide a decentralized marketplace for creators to mint and sell their digital creations directly to collectors, bypassing traditional intermediaries. Zora Marketplace has been active since 2020, and it is based on the ETH blockchain and NFTs.

Founded by Dee Goens, it has the core vision of empowering creators to create their market rather than directing money from sales into the hands of slick resellers' pockets. ZORA is a group of individuals working towards a new paradigm for creators by enabling the creation, curation, and collection of NFTs. It aspires to establish an open, diverse, and sustainable ecosystem for digital creators, collectors, and enthusiasts. 

As mentioned earlier, Zora is designed to provide a decentralized marketplace for creators; it allows creators to tokenize their artwork, music, videos, and other digital assets, giving them a way to prove authenticity, ownership, and scarcity.

This gives artists more control over their work and the ability to earn ongoing royalties from secondary sales. Collectors can browse the Zora marketplace to discover and purchase unique NFTs directly from the creators. They also provide minting for the creations.

What else does it offer?

They also do pod-cast with different people on mainstream topics, featuring people and getting them value. There have been talks about web03, soft-machine sublines, and mutualist futures. It allows artists, musicians, writers, and other digital creators to tokenize and sell their work, providing an opportunity for emerging artists to gain recognition and exposure.

Zora emphasizes building a community-driven marketplace where creators and collectors can actively participate. The platform fosters a sense of community through features like commenting, liking, and sharing, which can help creators connect with their audience and receive feedback. The website is also easy to use; they have provided all the methods and steps. 

Statics testaments

It is based in California, United States, but all the employers are remotes around the world. The revenue of the company lies under $5M. Over the last three months, Zora.Co's global ranking has increased from 83,430 to 77,592. It has total visits of 700k people in a month. Zora has the numbers to back up its claim of becoming a top NFT Marketplace candidate in 2022.

This year, Zora has sold over 1.3 million NFT versions! The Zora marketplace sets out the stats for a range of sales metrics and creator success stories in an official Twitter thread. This type of NFT minting option exploded on the market this year, with over 5,800 artists/creators taking advantage of it.

Over 180,000 collectors purchased the 1.3 million minted versions for over 1,500 ETH on primary sales. Zora has gained recognition due to its emphasis on community and empowering creators. Its goal is to build an open, inclusive, and long-lasting environment for digital artists, collectors, and aficionados. Zora is gradually ascending the ladder to become one of the most efficient marketplaces in the NFT business as a result of these steps. 

The call

It fearlessly aims to fight the ongoing capitalism in the world, which they have mentioned in their manifesto. 

"What's Louis Vuitton without Virgil? UMG without Taylor Swift? NBA without LeBron? What's Instagram without you? We bring the noise and it's time to take it somewhere owned by all of us."

Here there is given importance to every individual together, and there is the diversity of creation. They believe in giving value to every art. It does not depend on just one person but the community of people who all are part of it, by whom the company is still standing.

There is no discrimination. To create new infrastructure that is transparent, ownable, accessible, and financially sustainable, they provide the tools, the opportunity, and the power to change.  

Edited by Shruti Thapa