• UAE's pioneering peer-to-peer payment app. 
  • Simplifying transactions with just a phone number.
  • ZIIBOARD tackles small businesses' cash collection challenges, offering seamless payment requests on messaging apps.

Wallet feeling rusty? Ever wished payments had a makeover? 

Born in 2020, Ziina is headquartered in the vibrant city of Dubai. This fintech startup is rewriting the rules of financial services. What if managing your money was not just a transaction but an experience?

Ziina not only poses this question but also offers a solution – a peer-to-peer payment app that simplifies the complexities of financial transactions with just a phone number. Let's delve into the details of how it works.

The Founders

Sarah Toukan (Chief Product Officer) brings a wealth of product and startup experience from diverse spaces, including fintech in the UAE, prop-tech in London, and autonomous vehicles in Silicon Valley.

Faisal Toukan (CEO), on the other hand, boasts a rich background spanning consumer fintech, enterprise sales, blockchain, startups, and venture capital. 

ZIIBOARD: Revolutionizing business transactions

Enter ZIIBOARD, Ziina's answer to the cash collection challenges faced by small businesses. From issuing invoices and tracking payments to the often awkward follow-ups, Ziina has stepped in with a solution that simplifies the entire process.

With ZIIBOARD, businesses can now request payments seamlessly on WhatsApp, Instagram, or any messaging app, all achieved with just a few taps.

Ziina: More than a payment app

Ziina proudly introduces itself as the UAE's first peer-to-peer payment app, eliminating the need for complicated IBAN or swift codes. The app allows users to send and receive payments effortlessly with just a phone number, catering to the growing need for simplicity in financial transactions.

Currently, in Beta mode, Ziina encourages users to explore and share their thoughts as they continuously strive to enhance the payment transfer experience.

Unlocking the UAE's financial freedom

Ziina is not just an app; it's a gateway to financial freedom. While currently available to UAE residents on both iOS and Android, Ziina is actively working on expanding its features, including cross-border payments, to reach a broader user base in the future.

Seamless onboarding and user experience

Registering for Ziina is a breeze with a UAE mobile number, and users are prompted to enter their Emirates ID information to set up their accounts. The app offers easy integration with existing online stores, ensuring a smooth user experience for both individuals and businesses.

Security first: Licensed and Secure

Addressing the critical aspect of security, Ziina proudly holds a license in the DIFC and operates under the regulation of the DFSA (license number F006737). Users can trust Ziina's encryption methods, ensuring the safety of their sensitive information.

Real-time fraud monitoring adds an extra layer of security, guaranteeing the legitimacy of all transactions.

Payment dynamics and limits

Ziina provides users with a variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, and Mastercard. The money transfer process is swift, with funds transferred instantly. Users can send up to AED 25,000 monthly, while the monthly limit for receiving money is AED 50,000.

The new money age with Ziina

Ziina proudly wears the crown of the Red Dot Best Fintech App 2021, receiving international acclaim for its UX, UI, and Interactive Design. Redefining transactions, Ziina encourages users to add a personal touch to every transaction, be it splitting a bill or sharing a taxi, by incorporating GIFs, notes, or photos.

Ziina's footprint in the financial future

As we step into the future of finance, Ziina emerges as a transformative payment app in the Middle East's financial landscape. With a visionary team, innovative solutions, and a commitment to user satisfaction, Ziina is paving the way for a more accessible, secure, and personalized financial experience. 

Edited by Shruti Thapa