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Valari is Revolutionizing Embedded Finance for LATAM

  • Valari enables banks and Sofipos to modernize operations, increase deposits, and optimize regulatory compliance through its cutting-edge technology and white-label applications.
  • Valari simplifies financial integrations for tech companies, allowing them to offer
  • Valari offers a variety of financial products, including deposit accounts, real-time payment services, and credit solutions, alongside real-time analytics and a testing sandbox environment.

Valari Inc. was established in 2021 by Alejandro Pozo and is changing the face of the Embedded Finance Concept in Latin America.

Valari infrastructure platform for partnerships between financial institutions such as banks and Sofipos (Sociedades Financieras Populares) as well as technology firms that are top-notch.

When these entities merge, it promotes creativity, grows its customer base, and ensures a rise in income while adhering to rules.

Empowering Financial Institutions

For example, using the Valari platform can help banks and Sofipos modernize their business strategies amidst an evolving economy.

These institutions can grow their revenues at a faster rate, optimize regulatory compliance requirements, and access state-of-the-art technology by tapping into Valari’s infrastructure.

In line with this, Valari provides white-label applications that facilitate easy switchover to digital systems among its affiliates.

By providing this upgrade opportunity, financial institutions’ deposits will increase thus generating additional revenue streams that give them a competitive advantage.

Facilitating Tech Companies

Valari enables technology companies to build on a solid financial foundation that can scale up when partnering with regulated financial organizations as facilitated through Valari’s system therefore avoiding challenging issues related to financial integration.

Because Valari deals with the regulatory layer and core banking integrations, it is able to let tech companies concentrate on their core competencies.

The simplified process results from using Valari API which links tech firms to financial services.

Comprehensive Financial Solutions

The firm offers a wide range of financial products and services. These include different types of deposit and savings accounts such as current and time deposits.

Some of the other services provided by the platform are account-to-account transfers, SPEI, and direct debit.

Furthermore, Valari enables tech firms to provide their customers with loaning facilities using funds Valari can access through its network of banks.

Real-Time Visibility and Sandbox Environment

Valari provides companies with real-time visibility through dashboards and analytics on all program activities that take place in businesses.

This has enabled teams to be proactive in their decision-making based on accurate information from the ground.

Additionally, Valari allows for sandbox environments where clients can test their production integration with the entire real system.

It allows potential clients to experience how simple the platform is without signing any contracts.

Looking Ahead

Valari is revolutionizing Latin America’s embedded finance sector by connecting financial institutions with technology companies.

Consequently, combined with an innovative platform, Valari is ideally positioned to drive substantial changes in the financial industry within the region.

For those who are interested in using embedded banking solutions, Valari has a very effective end-to-end platform for launching and managing financial programs.

Edited By Annette George