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Ubicloud: The Open Source Cloud Brings Sanity Back to the Cloudscape

Ubicloud is a rebellion against costly and complex cloud services. It provides an open-source alternative, prioritizing affordability, freedom, portability, and simplicity.

  • Founders: Ozgun Erdogan, Umur Cubukcu, and Daniel Farina led Ubicloud, a rebellion against costly and complex cloud services.
  • Mission: Ubicloud provides an open-source alternative, prioritizing affordability, freedom, portability, and simplicity.
  • Principles: Affordable IaaS, freedom from lock-ins, simplicity in services, and strong open-source advocacy define Ubicloud's ethos.

Unveiling Ubicloud: A Symphony of Freedom, Affordability, and Simplicity

In the ever-expanding cosmos of cloud computing, one startup is determined to rewrite the rules, break the chains of expensive lock-ins, and simplify the cloud experience for all.

Enter Ubicloud, the brainchild of visionaries Ozgun Erdogan, Umur Cubukcu, and Daniel Farina. The journey of Ubicloud is not just a technological expedition; it's a rebellion against the complexities and costs that cloud users have come to accept.

Founding mavericks: Ozgun, Umur, and Daniel

The story begins with Ozgun Erdogan and Umur Cubukcu, co-founders at Citus Data, the minds behind the distributed PostgreSQL database. Their journey led them to Microsoft after the acquisition of Citus Data in 2019, where they steered product and engineering teams within Azure.

Alongside them was Daniel Farina, a key figure in building Heroku PostgreSQL. Having amassed years of experience working together at Citus Data and Microsoft, the trio embarked on a new venture – Ubicloud. The reunion marked the formation of a stellar team, ready to challenge the status quo of cloud services.

Why Ubicloud? Because the cloud deserves better!

The cloud has revolutionized the way we operate, but the escalating prices from major cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, and GCP have cast a shadow. Enter Ubicloud, armed with a mission to offer an open-source alternative, slash costs, and hand back control to users.

The founders recognized the pitfalls of closed-source solutions and the entrapment caused by proprietary systems, especially when credits expire.

Ubicloud's principles: Freedom, portability, simplicity, and open source love

Affordability in the Cloud Universe:

At Ubicloud, the mantra is clear – cloud services should be affordable. The gap between cloud prices and the underlying hardware costs has reached unprecedented levels.

Leveraging infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) on providers like Hetzner, OVH, Leaseweb, or AWS Bare Metal, Ubicloud passes on the low prices of bare metal instances to its users.

Freedom and Portability:

The founders advocate for freedom and portability, believing users should be liberated from vendor lock-ins. Ubicloud is engineered to run on any cloud provider or can be self-hosted, offering a seamless experience and minimizing egress fees for data movement.

Simplicity in the Cloud Chaos:

Cloud services have become overly complex, resembling a giant supermarket with countless aisles. Ubicloud takes a different route, adhering to the essentials and championing simplicity. No more navigating through a multitude of services just to run a basic computing job.

Open Source Advocacy:

Ubicloud proudly wears its open-source badge. Users can scrutinize every operation, gaining transparency and the benefits of a managed cloud in their environment. Contributions to the Ubicloud project are not just welcome; they are encouraged.

Ubicloud's Global Presence: Bridging San Francisco and Amsterdam

Ubicloud's journey spans across continents, with offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam. The team operates from the vibrant tech hub of San Francisco at 450 Townsend St., while the Amsterdam office, located at Turfschip 267, 1186XK, Amstelveen, The Netherlands, stands as a testament to their global impact.

In a world where the cloud is evolving, Ubicloud emerges as a harbinger of change, a rebellion against complexity, and a sanctuary for those seeking an open-source haven in the cloud. Join the revolution, embrace the simplicity, and welcome a new era with Ubicloud.

Edited by Shruti Thapa