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Swipe Right for Social Good: Unify Giving's App Makes Helping Easy & Transparent

  • Unify Giving was founded in 2021 by Matthew Bamber, Sharon Truman, and Adam R.
  • Along with identifying homeless individuals, Unify Giving also highlights the struggles of hidden homelessness.
  • Through its user-friendly app, Unify Giving has created a solution for its users and homeless individuals.

Digitalization and cashless payments have overpowered hard currencies in the past decade for the better. But this also has certain drawbacks.

Imagine, you cross a homeless person on the street in need of money, but you do not have any to give them. This barrier is what Unify Giving is trying to address.

Unify Giving bridges this gap with its innovative mobile application, directly connecting donors with homeless individuals.

The Problem: Cashless Society and the Hidden Homeless

We see people on the street who are homeless. But they contribute to only 2 percent of the homeless population. The rest 98 percent is hidden.

These are people who crash with their friends or family, live in unsuitable housing, or lack permanent shelter.

By addressing connecting donors with homeless individuals, Unify Giving is also trying to highlight the staggering numbers of homeless people and the struggles they face to access traditional support.

The Solution: Secure Donations and Essential Needs Support

Unify Giving's mobile app offers a user-friendly solution for donors and homeless individuals. They do this by partnering with charities and banks, which allows donors to contribute directly to the people in need.

Unify Giving provides the homeless individual with a restricted bank card that limits purchases of goods and thus prevents cash withdrawals, gambling, or alcohol purchases.

Donation Made Easy: Flexibility and Transparency

There are two ways you can contribute to an individual in need. One, you can directly pay them if you happen to see them in the streets.

Having cash in hand is not entirely necessary as you can facilitate a cashless transaction on the spot through contactless tapping on a recipient's green RFID wristband.

The second way is to donate remotely within the app, specifying a desired location. The app's algorithm ensures these remote donations are distributed equally amongst homeless individuals in that area.

To ensure that the money you spend is used efficiently, Unify Giving tries to make the process as transparent as possible.

They ensure that 92% of what you contribute directly goes to the people in need, with a very minimal banking and operational cost.

By maximizing the impact of your donation, Unify Giving stands apart. As opposed to the traditional organization, you have a better understanding of how your money is being spent.

doesUnify Givings’s methods are not just transparent, but they also ensure that a bigger chunk of your donation does indeed go to homeless individuals.

They strive to break the mold of conventional institutions and bridge the gap formed due to cashless transactions.

Edited By Annette George