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Skillza: Learning for MENA’s Youth

Skillza transforms education in the Middle East with tools for teachers and online coding classes for kids.

• Unique features include 1:1 classes, a curriculum by industry experts, and flexible schedules.

• Recent seed funding of $125K, validates Skillza's potential for reshaping education.

As a teenager, do you remember grappling with the first taste of financial independence? While your parents may have hesitated to hand over the reins of managing finances, Skillza is ushering in a similar sense of independence, not in the realm of money but in learning. Forget conventional schooling; Skillza is rewriting the rules of education in the Middle East and Africa.

Unlocking the potential of EdTech

Skillza is not your typical ed-tech startup; it's a dynamic force transforming how schools, teachers, students, and parents perceive education. Based in Dubai, UAE, Skillza is on a mission to maximize learning outcomes. The driving force behind this mission is their flagship product, Quest, a revolutionary tool simplifying the creation and management of assessments. Teachers can now streamline the assessment process, saving hours and focusing on their core strength – teaching.

But that's not all; Skillza has its eyes set on the future, and the future is digital. They are at the forefront of providing online coding classes for kids. Picture this – one teacher dedicated to one student, ensuring maximum focus and personalized learning. These mentors hail from the tech giants Google, Facebook, and Harvard, bringing a wealth of experience to the virtual classroom.

Skillza’s unique blend of learning

Skillza stands out in the crowded ed-tech space by offering a unique blend of learning experiences:

1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Kids aren't just learning to code; they're delving into the realms of app development, web development, and even game development. The curriculum is curated by industry experts from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, ensuring that the learning is both relevant and future-ready.

2. Flexibility at Its Core: Skillza believes in shaping education around the lives of the students. With a flexible schedule and the option to pause during exams, students have the power to choose when and how they learn. The 24x7 WhatsApp support ensures that any concerns or questions are promptly addressed by Skillza's concierge.

3. Tangible Achievements: Every budding coder emerges from Skillza with more than just knowledge. The coveted "Skillza Certified App Developer" tag is a testament to their accomplishments, a badge of honor that opens doors to future opportunities.

Financial backing and growth

Skillza's impact is growing, and the numbers speak volumes. Having raised $125K in a recent seed round led by Y Combinator, Skillza is accelerating its journey to reshape education. The funding isn’t just about financial backing; it's a vote of confidence from investors, including prominent figures from Facebook and Careem.

The startup has strategically partnered with 15 schools across the MENA region, offering future skills-based courses to students aged 6 to 16. Skillza isn't just a tool for individual learners; it's a catalyst for change within the entire education ecosystem. Through collaborations with schools, they aim to make the youth of the Middle East more employable by imparting essential skills.

The Middle East's educational revolution

With a team comprising certified bilingual teachers from Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, Skillza is bridging the gap between traditional education and the digital future. By teaching over 25,000 students via live online classes, they're creating a ripple effect of change.

One of Skillza's distinctive approaches is its emphasis on entrepreneurial skills. High school students aren't just learning theoretically; they're getting hands-on experience through internship opportunities. This practical exposure ensures that the knowledge gained in the virtual classroom applies to real-world scenarios.

Skillza is a beacon of change in the Middle East's educational landscape. From offering cutting-edge tools for teachers to providing kids with a platform to code their dreams, Skillza is fostering a new era of learning. The collaboration with schools, and strategic funding underscore the potential that Skillza holds to revolutionize education in the MENA region.

The funds from the recent round will fuel product development, content creation, and expansion of the course catalog. Skillza is not just creating an educational platform; it's crafting a future where learning is dynamic, accessible, and empowering.

Edited by Shruti Thapa