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Sirka Indicating Start Point towards Better Health

Founded by Ditto R and Dito Krista, Sirka offers digital-based health services curated by medical experts. With tailored programs and expert guidance, Sirka empowers individuals to prevent and manage chronic diseases.

  • Launched in 2021 by Ditto R and Dito Krista, Sirka revolutionizes Southeast Asian healthcare.
  • It optimizes health through personalized nutrition programs, blending science and practical guidance.
  • It emphasizes healthy lifestyle changes without drugs, backed by certified nutritionists.

Picture this: a world where your health journey is not a daunting task but an exciting adventure. Sirka, a Southeast Asian startup, is turning this vision into reality.

Founded in 2021 by Ditto R and Dito Krista, Sirka is a personal health companion, offering a digital-based health service that provides personalized health services and nutritional products curated by medical personnel.

The Founding Story

Ditto R, with a passion for product and growth, envisioned a platform that would redefine health care in Southeast Asia. His partner, Dito Krista, brought expertise in commerce and operations, making them a formidable duo.

Together, they embarked on a mission to create Sirka, a platform that empowers individuals to take control of their health.

Mission and Approach

Sirka's mission is simple yet profound, to optimize health through nutrition. They believe that nutrition is the main pillar of health, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

With Sirka, every individual is unique, and their journey to optimal health should reflect that uniqueness. It combines scientific evidence with practical guidance, making health a fun and effective journey.

How Sirka works

Sirka offers personalized programs for weight management, women's health, and chronic diseases. Their programs are created by vetted, certified nutritionists and dietitians, ensuring that you receive expert guidance every step of the way.

It also provides unlimited chat access to health professionals, allowing you to ask questions and get personalized recommendations. This is done through their programs offered on their website:

Source: Sirka Programs

Differentiation and Impact

What sets Sirka apart is its commitment to scientific evidence and also curating programs even specifically designed for Women's Health. Unlike other programs, Sirka does not sell or use drugs.

Instead, they focus on implementing healthy diet and lifestyle changes, along with offering healthy products like snacks and brown rice. This holistic approach has helped 99% of Sirka program users successfully lose weight, improving their health and quality of life.

Recent News and Funding

In recent news - Feb 7, 2022, Sirka secured a $2.6 million funding round, backed by Y Combinator and Sequoia. This funding will further support Sirka's mission to help people lead healthier lives.

With this funding, Sirka plans to expand its reach and impact, bringing their concept to more people in Southeast Asia.


Sirka is not just a health app; it's a revolution in personalized health care. By focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes, Sirka empowers individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

With its innovative approach and commitment to scientific evidence, it is set to redefine the future of health care in Southeast Asia.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa