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Bringing the Food Industry to Web3 in a Gamified Manner

Onerare cover image
  • OneRare is a groundbreaking start-up that brings together food enthusiasts from around the world in a digital gastronomic experience.
  • OneRare aims to revolutionize the future of food in the digital age while addressing global hunger issues.
  • With media attention and funding of $2.3 million, OneRare has quickly become a unique and exciting venture.

OneRare as the name suggests is absolutely the first-of-its-kind start-up that unites the world under food. It's like a food paradise where foodies from across the globe club together; get involved in a digital gastronomic thrilling experience and serve up a delicious deal which in this case is - a new marketing channel for the entire Food & Beverage Industry. 

That’s exactly the vision of OneRare. It is like one of the famous first shows of the Web3 movement, leading towards adopting and utilizing Blockchain with a touch of playful gameplay and the extravagance of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It's like adding tadka to your everyday life! Well, the question is: How and Why?

So what is Onerare?

Personally, Onerare seems like a perfect sync of technology, creativity, and gastronomy, where they're revolutionizing the future of food in the digital age.

The founders of the company are academic achievers as well - One is a NIFT gold medalist and the other is a tech geek. Both of them have been on this journey of adding different layers to this start-up such as gameplays, NFTs, and collaboration.

Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta have always believed in innovation through simplicity just like “french fries - easy to make and great to consume.” 

Yes, just like any other parallel universe, Onerare is a Foodiverse that works on one basic principle of gameplay - ‘cooperation and trade between play to earn gamers and NFT collectors.’ It's a digital cuisine space-scape that twinkles between dishes and profits!

But hold on to your chef's hat, because the thrill doesn't end here. Picture this - your favorite celebrity chefs, iconic restaurants, cooking shows, and food brands are together spicing up this whole experience by using and being a part of the Onerare Community. The Foodiverse catapults virtuality into a mouth-watering reality!

What does Onerare offer?

Let's see, what all the fuss about the game is!! But before that, one important aspect of OneRare is that they have their own token known as $ORARE which is used to Stake, Shop, Play, and Explore in the gameplay. And also the elements of the game zone - dishes and ingredients are NFTs.

OneRare metaverse of the game layer consists of  4 major zones - Farm, Farmer’s Market, Kitchen, and Playground.

Farm Zone is for the players to stake their tokens ($Orare) in order to produce ingredients for the dish. For say, in order to make French Fries, the player needs to have NFTs of Potato, Oil, and Salt.

The collection of these ingredients takes place in the farm zone which also has 6 choices; meaning 6 staking pools.  

The farmers market is to buy more missing ingredients along with selling some of the NFTs (ingredients). It is divided into 2 types of shops: 

  1. Farmer’s Shop - to sell ingredients: Collectors can choose to buy multiple copies of 1 ingredient at a time. Ingredients will be prioritized on the sale shelf as per the cost. 
  2. Dish Seller: Foodies and collectors can shop around in the Farmer’s Market collecting ingredients as per their desired recipes, or buying minted Dishes. 

Later, in the kitchen, the dish is prepared which leads to developing more Dish NFT, in order to be eligible to play in the Food Truck battleground under the Playground Zone.

The other add-ons to the game like that of HippoFull and Foodtruck Wars make it more fun for the players and provide an opportunity for new, upcoming, and established brands, chefs, and restaurants to collaborate globally.  But this is just not it. 

The higher you go the more options

Another aspect of the gaming zine is Level Lab where one can go up to level 7 and keep on making choices either to achieve more and more NFTs or focus on more dishes. This whole playground surely ensures player engagement. 

Given that the game zone has numerous layers of engagement with the user, it confirms that there is complexity involved at every stage.

It makes sense because it's not only first-time users to experience web3 tech but also, chefs, celebrities, brands, etc. involved. The more layers, the more interesting the concept looks.


In such a short span of time from 2021 to 2023, OneRare has also been successful in receiving media attention like that of CNBC, ABP, Forbes Magazine, Restaurant India, Mashable, YourStory, Times Now, and many more.

After all, at the very beginning of the start-up, they were able to manage to receive funding of $2.3 million. It is indeed one of the finesse examples of how simple and innovative ideas can actually turn creativity into reality by adding the touch of virtuality to the recipe.

Source: OneRareWhitePaper

This is just not it, they have also figured to come up with a community within these independent layers of user engagement. Segments like voting on recipes, Tokenising Personal Recipes, Free Market Economy, and Themed Quizzes that appear at regular intervals.

This is all about giving an opportunity to the users to provide opinions on food and build under the same roof. 

Lastly, with such a great idea and implementation of the same, OneRare proves to be unique and exciting at every stage in such a short span of time.

In the blink of an eye, this culinary marvel manages to captivate hearts and taste buds alike. It's a living testament to the boundless possibilities of Web3 Projects, transcending borders and leaving a positive impact on a global scale.

While OneRare pushes itself to resolve the issues that plague humanity: the growing hunger crisis, exacerbated by the relentless grip of COVID-19.

The numbers are staggering, with 1 in 10 people going to bed hungry each night and a staggering 811 million souls enduring empty stomachs in the year 2020 alone. It's not just a game; it's a Game with a Purpose.

Thus with every transaction, they are closer to eliminating world hunger. That's all the more reason to join celebrities, chefs, influencers, and food companies. 

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Edited by Shruti Thapa