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NowPay: Financial Wellness for Employees

NowPay addresses the struggles of waiting for monthly paycheques, bill juggling, and financial responsibilities.

• The platform empowers with all-time salary access, instant bill payments, money transfers, and shopping instalments.

• It enhances employee well-being, boosting productivity, and eliminating corporate loan complexities.

Adulting means realising that financial well-being can often be a distant dream. 

Waiting anxiously for that end-of-the-month paycheck, juggling bills, and navigating through financial responsibilities– the struggle is real. It is when you know that you are royally screwed, that you realize you desperately need something like NowPay to help you out. 

Founded by ex-employees of industry giants like IBM, Microsoft, Orange, and Amazon, NowPay is not just a fintech startup; it's a financial wellness platform.

Forget the conventional norms of waiting for the end of the month for your salary – NowPay empowers employees to take control of their finances, offering solutions for saving, spending, budgeting, and borrowing.

Founders of NowPay

Mostafa Ashour is an entrepreneur with a background in giants like Microsoft and IBM. As the Founder and CEO of NowPay, Mostafa's vision is clear: to redefine financial wellness for employees in emerging markets. Joining him is Sabry Abuelenien, contributing to the startup's growth with a wealth of experience.

The four pillars of financial wellness

NowPay revolves around four pillars: saving, spending, budgeting, and borrowing. These pillars aren't just buzzwords but the foundation on which NowPay builds products that cater to every vertical of an employee's financial journey.

1. All-time Salary Access: NowPay breaks the shackles of conventional payroll cycles. Employees can access their salaries whenever they need, with flexible repayment options.

2. Instant Bill Payments: Say goodbye to the hassle of bill payments. NowPay allows employees to settle their bills instantly through the app, sans the need for entering credit or debit card details.

3. Money Transfers: NowPay facilitates cash-free money transfers between users through the app, making financial transactions seamless and secure.

4. Shopping Installments: NowPay transforms the way employees shop by offering flexible repayment options of up to 10 months from a network of top stores.

A financial ally for companies

NowPay isn't just about individual financial well-being; it's a boon for companies too. For employers, NowPay brings a host of benefits:

1) Boost Well-being, Productivity, and Loyalty: By alleviating financial stress among employees, NowPay contributes to increased productivity and loyalty.

2) End the Corporate Loan Hassle: NowPay eliminates the complexities associated with corporate loans, providing a hassle-free solution.

3) Zero Liability for Companies: With NowPay covering the front money, companies enjoy zero liability.

4) Plug and Play Integration: NowPay offers a seamless integration process – no technical hassles for companies.

The NowPay effect in numbers

The impact of NowPay is substantial and growing:

- 250+ Companies Served: NowPay's solutions have been embraced by over 250 companies, making it a trusted financial ally.

- 1.5 Billion Monthly Payments: NowPay manages a staggering 1.5 billion in monthly payments, showcasing its widespread adoption.

- 300,000+ Beneficiaries: More than 300,000 individuals are reaping the benefits of NowPay's financial wellness solutions.

Top shopping network and becoming a partner

NowPay extends its influence into the shopping realm, allowing users to buy from their favorite stores and pay later in salary-deducted installments over a flexible period of up to 10 months.

Becoming a partner with NowPay is a straightforward process:

1. Sign up to NowPay:

   Companies kickstart the process by signing up on the NowPay platform.

2. Team Registration:

   Encourage team members to register on the NowPay app.

3. Requesting Pay Advances:

   Team members can request pay advances at any time through NowPay.

4. Advance Payment Provision:

   NowPay promptly provides the requested advance payment.

5. Repayment and Deductions:

   The company deducts the advance payment from future payrolls, seamlessly repaying NowPay.

NowPay is creating a new narrative where financial wellness is not a luxury but a right. With a commitment to making financial services easy, accessible, and stress-free, NowPay is steering the course toward a future where employees in emerging markets can embrace financial well-being with open arms.

Edited by Shruti Thapa