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Gear up as NFTs are now available on Play Store

  • Play Store enabled NFT opportunities for Android users on July 12, 2023, after updating policies on blockchain-based content.
  • Joseph Mills, the company's group product manager, emphasized the need for transparency in NFT apps and games, discouraging misleading marketing strategies for quick gains.
  • Apple App Store took a cautious approach towards NFTs, allowing certain NFT-related tasks but not granting access to additional software features while charging 30% fees.

Not until 12th July 2023, android users could access NFT opportunities on the Play Store application. It is because Play Store made steps towards rectifying the policies in regard to blockchain technology.

In this growing web3 technology and AI, the world has started “revolving” around digitization and assets, which means - there is a need to be ready for the “rotating” near Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as well. According to the Twitter updates, the following is one of the major policy changes: 

“A new blockchain-based content policy states that developers must complete a declaration for apps that enable users to transact blockchain-based digital content. Additional requirements apply for NFT gamification.” (Source: Twitter )

Rules and Limitations to follow

With this update comes limitations and a couple of rules too. First, Joseph Mills - the company’s group Product Manager demands that you communicate with your users about those dazzling tokenized digital assets in a crystal-clear manner.

It's time that developers stop lurking in the shadows, and instead tell the truth about how these so-called "assets" function and what they actually imply by laying everything out on the table. No more deceiving users into getting caught up in complex situations.

Transparency is the first step. Now it might sound like a buzzkill, but he is putting a stop to the pomp and glitz around earning money from playing or trading games on your app. Yes, you heard correctly! No more attracting users with the alluring promise of quick cash.

You see, there is a lot of excitement around NFTs, and some clever enterprises have been employing eye-catching marketing strategies to entice naïve customers. The new restrictions, however, are like yanking the rug out from under their feet! No more gushing promises of enormous gains, no more of a utopian dream where everyone becomes a millionaire overnight. What a disappointment for those who were hoping to win the lottery!

But hold on—this rollercoaster of an upgrade has more to offer! Flipping the script and upending everything is Google Play. They're allowing games and apps to jump into the NFT pool without any safety precautions!

Yes, they want to see classic games blending with user-generated material and surprising users with special NFT prizes. They believe that users will explore and experience the policy updates and incoming applications these summers. (Source: TechCrunch)

But hey wait! Aren’t there iPhone users too? What does the Apple App Store have to comment on this? The cautious titan, steadfast among the maelstrom of digital assets! They don't tend to jump into the NFT frenzy headfirst, they've chosen a more cautious approach instead, much to the dismay of many NFT creators out there.

Apple being Apple, charges 30% fees. Apple did make a little sliver of a concession in the month of October, allowing apps to perform some NFT-related tasks. Users can admire their priceless NFTs while they list, mint, transfer, and list them. The catch is that using those NFTs will not grant access to additional software features, sir! Apple is refusing to budge on that issue. (Source: CoinTelegraph)

Hence we never know when will Apple boast about it and be the king of it or probably let Google be the parent of the upcoming NFTs-related babies. Nevertheless, the first step taken is a good start indicating the necessity of digital assets but what's more intriguing are the wars within layers - Developers and App Store, App Store, and Users, and most importantly Developers and Users. You never know who takes what toll on who. Time will tell!

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Edited by Shruti Thapa