Nano is revolutionizing income streaming for Southeast Asian workers with Vui, an EWA app.

• Vui lets employees get paid on-demand, bridging the payday gap and offering financial control.

• The app is reshaping the traditional payday model, putting earnings back in the hands of workers.

Hello there (every other corporate employee who’s contemplating their life choice)! How's the daily existential crisis treating you? Ever find yourself counting down the days to payday and feeling like your money is playing hide-and-seek? We get it. 

Guess what? Nano is here to put you back in control. It's getting your earnings whenever you want, and it only takes 30 seconds. No more playing the waiting game for that end-of-the-month paycheck panic.

Nano unpacked

Nano isn't your typical income streaming app. Born in 2020 in the heart of Vietnam, it's the brainchild of people who understand the daily grind. These innovators are rewriting the payday rules, especially for those in retail and manufacturing.

Meet the minds behind Nano

Dzung Dang is the CEO. He was the former captain at Uber in Vietnam, steering a ship with over 5 million users.

Thang Nguyen, the software whiz, has a knack for crafting exciting products, from e-commerce to enterprise blockchain.

Son Mai, the Head of Product, brings a wealth of fintech experience from stints at Techcombank and Napas.

Y Pham, the Chief Growth Officer, is a digital marketing maestro, having led the charge at Appier, a Fortune Top 50 AI company. Last but not least, Van Doan, the Chief People Officer, is an HR whizz with 14 years of expertise.

Nano's mission: Closing the payday gap

Nano's mission is simple yet impactful: bridge the gap between paydays. Enter Vui, Nano's Earned Wage Access (EWA) application. A triple win for employees, companies, and society at large. No more counting pennies till the end of the month; get paid for your day's work on the very day.

Why Vui? Because waiting is so last season

For those in retail and service, the turnover rate can be a staggering 50-200% per year. In manufacturing, it's no walk in the park either, ranging from 30-75% per year.

Replacing an employee can cost 2-3 months of salary, not to mention the recruiting costs hitting the roof in recent years for the garment and textile industry. Talk about financial stress!

Your financial sidekick

Imagine getting your hard-earned money in 30 seconds – that's quicker than your pizza delivery! Forget about those loan sharks lurking around; Vui ensures you get your cash whenever you need it. It's not a loan, zero interest rate, zero surcharge. Just your money when you want it, so you can manage your expenses and keep your peace of mind intact, even on rainy days.

Vui App: Because your wallet deserves a wingman

Getting paid on time means you can handle any urgent expenses, from bills and rent to vehicle repairs and medical treatment. No more borrowing, no more juggling finances – just a peaceful mind, even when money is tight.

Nano's game-changing move

Nano is shaking up the game and the traditional payday model. With Vui, you're getting paid and taking control of your finances. So, why twiddle your thumbs waiting for payday when Vui can be in your pocket?

Edited by Shruti Thapa