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MindFi: Mental Wellness in Asian Workplaces

  • Founded in 2017, MindFi is led by a diverse team, with clients like Deutsche Bank and Visa.
  • It challenges norms, advocating a collaborative, creative, and shared well-being approach in workplaces.
  • Community-driven, private, and global; MindFi transforms mental health conversations with a toolkit, resources, and personalized care.

Talking about mental health in Asia has often been considered a delicate subject, tucked away as a taboo. However, what if we reframed the conversation? What if, instead of hiding it under the rug, we acknowledged mental health as an integral part of our daily lives?

This is precisely the perspective that MindFi brings to the forefront – mental wellness is an undeniable aspect impacting our physical health, performance, and productivity.

Mission: #MindFitness at work

MindFi, an app designed to alleviate burnout and enhance mental health for employees, is on a mission to redefine workplace well-being in Asia. The belief is that workplaces play a significant role in the health of employees, influencing their ability to pursue organizational goals sustainably.

Behind the scenes: Founders and growth

Founded in 2017, MindFi boasts a team of 25 individuals headquartered in Singapore. The dynamic team includes serial entrepreneur and ex-Zendesk product manager, Bjorn Lee, along with psychologist Anita Sadasivan. Leon CK Leong, managing Business Development and Client Success, and Gangeshwar Krishnamurthy, an award-winning AI engineer.

With an impressive list of clients such as Deutsche Bank, KPMG, PatSnap, and Visa, MindFi has achieved an annual revenue of $150k to date, growing at a remarkable 53% month on month.

Shifting the well-being narrative

MindFi seeks to shift the narrative on corporate well-being. Recognizing that nurturing healthier employees requires more than conventional approaches, MindFi advocates for a more thoughtful and creative well-being strategy. It emphasizes a collaborative effort where companies prioritize employee well-being as a shared goal.

Unique community-driven approach

MindFi's approach to well-being stands out through its community-driven strategy. Encouraging open conversations and normalizing discussions around mental health challenges, the platform creates a supportive environment for individuals to learn, seek help, and thrive.

Privacy for psychological safety

Understanding the sensitivity of mental health discussions, MindFi prioritizes anonymity and privacy on its platforms. This commitment aims to foster a safe space where individuals can comfortably engage in well-being conversations.

Launching big and beyond: A marketing toolkit

MindFi supports companies in creating awareness for their well-being programs. Providing an effective marketing communications toolkit, the platform ensures continuous awareness and utilization of well-being initiatives internally.

Cultural relevance and diverse resources

MindFi stands as a globally relevant platform with support for 11 languages and professional care coverage in 30+ countries across APAC, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. It offers diverse well-being resources covering over 200 topics, addressing mental, financial, nutritional, and career needs.

Timely and apt care: Counselling and coaching

MindFi excels in providing timely care by matching employees with the right professional care provider based on their specific well-being needs. The platform facilitates 1-on-1 sessions in as little as 24 hours, ensuring that individuals receive the support they need when they need it.

Round-the-clock support and engagement tracking

The platform goes beyond conventional offerings by providing 24/7 support from trained mental health first-aiders. These professionals actively reach out to employees in negative well-being states to ensure they receive the necessary help. Additionally, MindFi offers real-time engagement, well-being, and productivity tracking to assess the impact of its programs.

Actionable insights for informed strategies

Empowering companies with AI-generated actionable insights, MindFi ensures that data drives informed decisions. Companies can refine their well-being strategies based on clear insights, addressing the specific needs of their employees.

MindFi is a mental wellness app that is challenging the norms of workplace well-being in Asia. As it continues to grow, it holds the promise of transforming how companies prioritize and approach the mental health of their workforce.

Edited by Shruti Thapa