• MedMe Health's Game-Changing Platform: Empowering 3,600+ pharmacies with a virtual patient care revolution.
  • $2.7M Seed Funding: Backed by Microsoft's venture fund M12, MedMe is more than just software.
  • Rui Su's Leadership: A former pharmacist leads the charge, turning pharmacies into proactive patient care powerhouses.

Ever wished your local pharmacy could level up its game? Enter MedMe Health, the tech wizard making it happen! Founded in 2019 by the dream team of Rui Su, Purya Sarmadi, and Nicholas Hui, MedMe is not your average pharmacy sidekick.

The lowdown on MedMe Health

Picture this: over 3,600 pharmacies across Canada using one platform to rule them all. That's MedMe's playground. Co-founder Rui Su, a former pharmacist turned superhero, leads the charge as the Chief Clinical Officer. But what's the secret sauce?

MedMe's software empowers pharmacists to schedule, document, and manage clinical services like never before. It's not just about prescriptions; it's about building relationships and boosting that revenue.

Funds? MedMe's got it!

MedMe isn’t just turning heads; it’s catching eyes in the funding world too. A whopping U.S. $2.7 million seed funding led by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, shows they mean business. And business is booming.

MedMe's heroic product: Virtual patient care platform

The crown jewel? MedMe’s virtual patient care platform – a pharmacist’s secret weapon. Think online payment magic, follow-ups, secure integrations, and automated documentation, all rolled into one. This platform doesn't just streamline; it's a game-changer.

The success saga

Why is MedMe the talk of the town? Because it works. Clients rave about it, calling it the cornerstone of a flu campaign that rocked in 2020. MedMe is not just a platform; it’s a success story in the making.

Changing the game, one pharmacy at a time

MedMe's mission? To shake up the pharmacy game. Their data-driven software is rewriting the rules, turning your average pharmacy into a proactive patient care powerhouse. It’s not just about pills; it’s about changing lives.

In a nutshell, MedMe Health isn’t just software; it's your pharmacy's secret weapon. With Rui Su leading the charge, MedMe is rewriting the rules, one clinical service at a time. Get ready; your pharmacy's superhero just arrived! 

Edited by Shruti Thapa