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Koala Tech: Transforming Digital Experiences, One Byte at a Time

  • Koala Tech's Mission: Empower businesses with seamless digital experiences, boosting revenue and satisfaction.
  • Tech Duo's Vision: Xavier Lesage Moretti and Benjamin Roux lead Koala's charge in transforming digital encounters.
  • Koala's Analytics Triumph: The Analytics Platform, Koala's crown jewel, reshapes digital journeys for over 30 brands globally.

Meet Koala: Pioneers of Digital Guest Experiences

In the vast landscape of technology, two visionaries, Xavier Lesage Moretti and Benjamin Roux, laid the foundation for Koala—a tech company with a singular focus on revolutionizing digital experiences, particularly in the restaurant sector.

Their brainchild, the Koala Analytics Platform, stands tall as a self-serve analytics interface reshaping how businesses manage their digital touchpoints.

Tech with purpose: Koala's mission

The heart of Koala's mission beats for businesses—empowering them to craft engaging, seamless digital experiences for customers. The goal? Boost revenue and satisfaction by tackling tech challenges head-on, from slow service to order hiccups and inconsistent encounters.

Founders in the tech arena

Xavier Lesage Moretti, with a degree in Electromagnetism and Wireless Communication, and Benjamin Roux, armed with knowledge in Clifford algebra and C++, form the dynamic duo steering Koala. Their tech prowess fuels Koala's mission to streamline businesses in the digital era.

Facing giants: Koala's competitors and milestones

Koala locks horns with CRM and digital experience heavyweights like Olo, earning recognition as a Certified Platinum Partner. As of 2022, Koala proudly serves over 30 brands spanning 4,000 locations, marking milestones in the realm of digital transformation.

The Koala Kingpin: Analytics platform

At the heart of Koala's prowess lies the Analytics Platform—a powerhouse offering real-time order management, customizable menus, and machine-learning cross-sells. It's not just a platform; it's the tech backbone shaping exceptional digital journeys.

Triumphs and Tales: Koala's success stories

MOD Pizza, Scratch Kitchen, P.F. Chang's—the list goes on. Koala's success stories extend to brands like Happy & Hale and Koala Eco, the natural cleaning products maestro. Koala isn't just transforming orders; it's rewriting success stories.

Innovation in the Pipeline: Koala's future vision

Koala doesn't rest on its laurels. The team is actively sculpting user experience and interface updates, amplifying functionality. Future-focused, Koala aims to equip brands with cutting-edge tech, keeping them ahead of the curve in the dynamic landscape.

Koala's Tech Symphony

Koala isn't just a tech company; it's a digital maestro orchestrating seamless, efficient, and satisfying experiences. Founded on innovation, led by tech luminaries, and embraced by brands, Koala's journey in the digital age is poised for a symphony of continued success.

Edited by Shruti Thapa