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Inventive AI: Powering B2B Sales with Automated Excellence

  • Founders' Brilliance: Dhiren Bhatia, Vishakh Hegde, and Gaurav Nemade bring AI mastery, Google AI, and Fortune 500 experience to Inventive AI.
  • AI Copilot: The platform's secret weapon, an AI copilot, elevates sales teams, decoding RFPs, generating responses, and boosting efficiency by over 70%.
  • Market Dynamics: Positioned in the booming $1,846.16 billion global AI market, Inventive AI stands out with its native AI solution, transforming B2B sales responses.

Cracking the Code: Meet Inventive AI

Inventive AI, the brainchild of Dhiren Bhatia, Vishakh Hegde, and Gaurav Nemade, is on a mission to revolutionize B2B sales. Launched in 2023 and fueled by the backing of Y Combinator and Silicon Valley heavyweights, this seed-stage company is changing the game in responding to sales information requests.

Unleashing the AI Copilot: Product highlights

What's in the Arsenal? Inventive AI's secret weapon is its AI copilot, designed to be the guiding force for sales teams. From decoding RFP documents to generating AI responses and ensuring compliance, this copilot is the ace up every sales team's sleeve.

Efficiency Overdrive: The platform doesn't just stop at assistance; it transforms the drafting process. Sales teams witness a jaw-dropping 70%+ boost in efficiency, allowing them to weave high-quality proposals effortlessly.

The genius trio behind the curtain

Dhiren Bhatia, with a Fortune 500 background and stints at Google AI and Google Brain, spearheads the team. Vishakh Hegde and Gaurav Nemade, also alums of Google AI and Google Brain, along with experiences at Stanford and IIT Madras, round out the powerhouse trio.

This team isn't new to success, having built and sold a series-B company with over 150 employees and authored a book on Deep Learning.

Inventive AI dives into the bustling market of AI-powered sales tools. The global AI market is on a rocketing trajectory, projected to hit $1,846.16 billion by 2030. What sets Inventive AI apart is its native AI solution, reshaping the response process and letting sales teams focus on validation, not starting from scratch.

Tales of triumph: Success stories unveiled

Proof in the Pudding: Inventive AI isn't just about promises. Customers are singing its praises, with a staggering 70% reduction in response time for a sales information request – from a hefty 32 human hours to a mere 10 minutes.

The future looks inventive

Inventive AI isn't just a blip on the radar; it's a beacon of promise. With Y Combinator's nod and a stellar team with a track record of success, it's positioned to reshape B2B sales. The AI copilot isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer.

Edited by Shruti Thapa