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Hyperpad - A Digital Legos to Build Apps

Whether on the computer, the PlayStation, or the phone we spent our childhood (and most of our adulthood) playing so many games. And while we entertained ourselves this way we left the creation of these games to the experts, the coding masters. 

But what if you could bring a game idea to life without going through years of studying mountains of code? 

That's the vision behind Hyperpad, a platform that puts the power of game development in the hands of anyone, from seasoned programmers to kids with a spark of creativity. 

Hyperpad’s story begins with brothers Murtaza and Faizan Saadat; originally known as Gamepress, the app’s only focus was game development. While the traction blew the roof off the house the brothers two hit a snag when it came to monetizing Gamepress because a huge part of their users were children. While in hindsight this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, in that moment it seemed so. 

When they approached YC, they pitched a different idea, teaming up with authors and illustrators focusing more on interactive children’s books. This change in direction led to the path of monetization however it did also lead them astray from the passion for games. However, when users, old and new, showed more interest in the gaming side of the app, they decided games were the way to go. 

At first, they decided to rebrand themselves “Tappable”, however taking the advice of Paul Graham ( he made the connection of the tool being similar to Hypercard), the name Hyperpad was coined. 

The Saadat brothers initially underestimated the potential of their younger audience. But ultimately, these kids benefited from the platform much more. 

Hyperpad embraced the feedback loop, understanding that the community is the platform's lifeblood. They constantly receive feedback and make improvements based on the community’s insights and needs. 

Hyperpad is also actively building a Youtube-like space specifically for showcasing user-created games and fostering feedback loops, called "Hyperpad Hub,". 

They envision turning Apple TV into a home console powered by user-created games.

An industry they did not expect to be involved in was the education industry, however, with praise from students and teachers alike, they have decided to bring their focus here, hoping to make the platform available in different languages to reach a wider audience.

He mentions the challenges of entering new markets and overcoming language barriers. They plan to address this by offering translated versions of the app and educational programs tailored to specific regions.

Not at all fazed by the ever-evolving tech landscape, Hyperpad is constantly adapting, incorporating other tools, and keeping a watchful eye on trends like the rise of low-code/no-code development. 

Even entering the world of VR/AR presents exciting possibilities for the future of Hyperpad.

Ultimately Hyperpad is about empowering creators to bring their visions to life. The platform walks a tightrope between being user-friendly for beginners and offering powerful features for experienced creators. 

This balance is a constant challenge, but one the Saadat brothers are dedicated to maintaining.

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Edited by Annette George