GBatteries pioneers ultra-fast charging for lithium-ion batteries without compromising cycle life.

• Beyond speedy charging, GBatteries aims to accelerate electric vehicle adoption, combating climate change.

• With over 45 patent applications, GBatteries' tech applies to any product with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Forget about waiting for hours to charge your electric vehicle; GBatteries is on a mission to make minutes the new norm. How? By pioneering technology that doesn't just charge lithium-ion batteries fast but does it without compromising their long cycle life.

Changing the charging game

GBatteries is not your average player. It's on a mission to revolutionize how batteries are charged, and the focus is on electric vehicles (EVs). While others are content with the notion of an hour being fast, GBatteries is dreaming of a reality where your EV charges up in minutes, akin to filling a tank with good ol' gasoline.

The clientele of GBatteries reads like a who's who of the automotive and electronics manufacturing world. With heavyweights like Airbus Ventures, Initialized Capital, Plug and Play, SV Angel, and Y Combinator backing their play, GBatteries is definetely walking the walk.

Mission: Beyond speedy charging

GBatteries doesn't just see itself as a tech company; it sees itself as a key player in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. Their mission is clear: eliminate the final barrier of charge time, making EVs as convenient as filling up a tank of gas. The end goal? A healthier planet with reduced greenhouse gas emissions from those pesky internal combustion engines.

In the grand scheme of things, GBatteries is contributing to a cause that goes beyond innovative tech. It's helping replace internal combustion engines with electric vehicles, addressing the looming threat of climate change. The United Nations has sounded the alarm on doubled greenhouse gas emissions since 1980, much of it attributed to the burning of fossil fuels from internal combustion engines.

Tech Talk

What sets GBatteries apart is not just their mission but the technology they've developed. They've filed a whopping 45 patent applications, with 11 already granted and 28 pending. But it's not about numbers; it's about what these patents represent—a paradigm shift in battery charging.

Conventional charging methods often lead to a faster degradation of batteries. GBatteries has tackled this head-on with an adaptive pulse charging algorithm that works its magic on off-the-shelf lithium-ion batteries. The result? Charging faster without compromising cycle life.

Their tech prowess lies in two parts—software and hardware

1. Intelligent, Adaptive Charging: ChargeSense, a proprietary algorithm, is the brain behind the operation. It's fully adaptive, self-learning, and generates complex charging pulse profiles based on real-time monitoring and analysis of a battery's internal state.

2. Novel, Unique Hardware: GBatteries' hardware might use off-the-shelf components, but it boasts a proprietary novel architecture. This architecture generates precisely engineered pulses at high frequencies, all crafted in-house.

The physics behind the magic

GBatteries dives deep into the fundamental physics of battery charging. Impedance, a dynamic parameter, changes rapidly during charge, influenced by health, charge, and ambient temperature. GBatteries' charging protocol detects and charges the battery during low impedance phases, pausing strategically to prevent irreversible chemistry.

While GBatteries is making waves in the EV world, their technology isn't limited to four-wheelers. From smartwatches to electric vehicles, any product with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery can benefit from GBatteries' innovation.

GBatteries is not just charging batteries; it's charging into a future where speed doesn't compromise sustainability.

Edited by Shruti Thapa