Flextock, an Egyptian startup, is transforming fulfillment in the Middle East & Africa.

• Offering end-to-end solutions, Flextock excels in B2B and B2C fulfillment.

• Seamless integrations with existing online stores make Flextock a user-friendly and efficient choice for businesses.

Introducing Flextock, a force in tech-enabled fulfillment. It is reshaping the landscape in the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 2020, this Egyptian startup is not your typical warehousing and fulfillment platform. It is offering local merchants a practical solution to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

A vision beyond warehousing

Flextock's vision is straightforward – empower your business growth while they handle the intricacies. More than a mere fulfillment provider, Flextock serves as your comprehensive end-to-end fulfillment partner.

From meticulous inventory management to the precise execution of order fulfillment – Flextock ensures a seamless process with real-time visibility at every turn.

Excellence in B2B and B2C

Catering to businesses with multiple branches or individual customers awaiting their orders, Flextock seamlessly manages the entire order fulfillment cycle. For businesses, they navigate the complexities of receiving inventory, processing outbound orders, and facilitating transportation.

Meanwhile, customers benefit from accurate, cost-effective pick, pack, and ship services, all easily initiated with a click.

Smooth integrations for operational ease

Concerned about integrating Flextock with your existing online store? Flextock even simplifies the process with seamless integrations, ensuring operational harmony. Connecting with them is as straightforward as pressing a button.

Letting the numbers tell the story

Flextock's impressive statistics narrate a tale of reliability and efficiency. Encompassing over 15 industries, boasting a monthly order capacity of 300k+, operating in 28+ cities, and maintaining an outstanding 99% accuracy rate in order fulfillment, these figures signify the tangible impact Flextock has in the fulfillment landscape.

Simplified fulfillment process

Flextock's operational process is transparent and effective:

1. We Store Your Inventory: Safely collecting and storing your inventory in Flextock's fulfillment centers.

2. We Process Your Orders: Efficiently picking, packing, and preparing orders for shipping upon receiving requests.

3. We Ship Your Order: Securing optimal shipping offers to optimize costs and ensure timely delivery.

End-to-End fulfillment services

Beyond storage and shipping, Flextock offers comprehensive end-to-end fulfillment services, spanning from the first mile to the last mile. Whether it's managing product transportation to their warehouses, providing competitive rates for swift delivery, handling cash collection, or ensuring global shipping – Flextock has it covered.

The minds behind Flextock

Driving Flextock's success are Mohamed Mossaad and Enas Siam. Mohamed, the co-founder and CEO, brings a wealth of experience from scaling tech startups in the Middle East.

Enas, with a decade of expertise in commercial, operations, and general management, is dedicated to solving complex problems and making a positive impact.

In a world where efficient and reliable fulfillment is pivotal, Flextock emerges as the preferred partner for businesses seeking growth without the hassle. With Flextock, it's not just about warehousing; it's a tailored fulfillment journey designed for efficiency and reliability.

Edited by Shruti Thapa