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Flex: Unleashing the Power of Your Health Investment

  • Founded in 2023, Flex turns HSA/FSA accounts into a versatile platform, unlocking $120 billion annually for health-related purchases.
  • Flex expands your shopping cart, allowing purchases from gym memberships to wellness apps, creating a comprehensive well-being marketplace.
  • With prebuilt pages, UI blocks, and telehealth support, Flex ensures a smooth checkout, transforming your cart into a hub for a healthier lifestyle.

Picture this: You're at the grocery store, navigating the aisles with your trusty shopping cart. As you fill it with items, you're not just stocking up on essentials; you're investing in your well-being.

Now, imagine if this cart wasn't limited to groceries but could also include gym memberships, wellness apps, and sleep aids. Enter Flex, the Stripe for HSA/FSA payments, transforming your ordinary shopping cart into a gateway for a healthier lifestyle.

Rolling In Innovation

Founded in 2023 by Sam O'Keefe and Miguel Toledo, Flex isn't just a payment platform; it's a key to unlocking the $120 billion sitting in HSA/FSA accounts annually.

Sam, with her background in product leadership at growth-stage fintech and Miguel, a seasoned expert in machine learning infrastructure, are lifelong athletes with a mission – to make healthy habits accessible to all.

The grocery store analogy

In the vast landscape of healthcare spending, HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Savings Account) accounts are like preloaded shopping carts for well-being.

However, the current challenge is that these carts can only be used in specific medical aisles, leaving out a multitude of businesses offering health-related products and services.

Flex steps in as the magical expansion of your shopping cart, allowing you to buy anything health-related, from gym memberships to sleep apps, without the usual restrictions. It's like turning your regular grocery cart into a one-stop shop for all things wellness.

Checkout flows and flex pages

Just as a well-designed checkout process is essential in a grocery store, Flex ensures a seamless experience. With prebuilt, hosted checkout pages and UI building blocks, Flex maximizes conversion while integrating HSA/FSA payments directly into your existing flow.

For IRS pre-approved items, Flex checks your inventory against the approved products list, processes the payment, and maintains audit records.

Even for non-pre-approved items, Flex's telehealth team assesses medical necessity, making your product or service HSA/FSA eligible – all in a streamlined checkout flow. It's like having an expert shopper ensuring you get the best deals.

The Flex basket – More than a checkout page

Imagine the Flex basket as not just a place for payments but a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle.

The no-code and low-code integration options cater to different needs – a static URL for a quick setup or a more native checkout flow for added control.

By syncing with platforms like Shopify, Flex ensures that your products are seamlessly integrated, making the checkout process as smooth as gliding through the aisles with a well-oiled shopping cart.

Building the checkout aisle

Creating a Flex checkout is as easy as setting up a route on your server. With API keys, product prices, and a checkout session, you're ready to roll.

It's akin to preparing the checkout aisle in your grocery store, ensuring customers can easily pay for their carefully chosen items.

From aisle to success page

As customers exit the checkout aisle, they are directed to the success page – a virtual pat on the back for investing in their well-being.

It's the digital equivalent of reaching home after a successful shopping trip, bags full of health-related treasures.

Webhooks – Your personal shopper assistant

Flex goes beyond the checkout by offering webhooks. It's like having a personal shopper assistant who keeps track of events – new subscriptions, updates, and deletions.

This ensures you stay informed and can tailor your offerings to suit the evolving needs of your health-conscious customers.

Flex – More than a payment platform

In the realm of health-focused commerce, Flex isn't just a payment platform; it's the evolution of your shopping cart.

By making HSA/FSA payments accessible to a broader range of businesses, Flex ensures that the $120 billion sitting in these accounts isn't just a potential – it's a reality.

So, next time you're navigating the aisles of your health-conscious journey, remember Flex – the ultimate upgrade to your shopping cart, making your investment in well-being more diverse and accessible than ever.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa