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Aether Biomedical, the genius behind Zeus bionic arm, is revolutionizing the field of medical technology. With cutting-edge technology like direct nerve interfacing, they are making bionic limbs accessible and transforming the lives of amputees.

• Securing funding from Chiratae Ventures, Aether Biomedical aims to bridge the gap for amputees in developing countries. By commercializing Zeus and pushing the boundaries of innovation, they are empowering individuals to reclaim their independence and rewrite what's possible.

• Aether Biomedical's vision for the future is one where disabilities are mere hurdles, and bionic limbs offer endless possibilities.

In another story of startups straight out of a science fiction movie, we dive to explore the topic of Medical technology, this time focusing on Bionic Limbs. These out-of-the-world inventions help people push beyond limitations and challenges faced by an amputee, letting everyone change the way they perceive disabilities and empower them in the process.

So plug in your earphones, play some Beethoven maybe, and read on to explore how Aether Biomedical is changing one life at a time and redefining impossibilities.

Would you believe me that this revolution in the Biotech field started in a college dorm with an idea and a 3D printer? Well, that does remain the case for Dhruv Agrawal and Dr. Faith Jiwakhan, the cofounders of the startup as to how they realized the necessity to bridge the far ends of the prosthetic field and the future.

Their journey took its flight with setting up their headquarters in Poland in 2018 followed by receiving various prestigious grants over the next two years such as the Poland Prize Grant, Robotunion, and NCBR fast-track.

By 2020 they already had another base of operation in New Delhi to expand their market beyond European limits, towards the Indian subcontinent. They came up with their star product Zeus which led to major success for their next step - Seed Investment funding round.

But before I tell you about the who and what of the investment they garnered, won’t you wanna know more about ‘Zeus’, the flagship product that got them their success?

All you need to know about Zeus

Picture this: a bionic arm that can do it all—grasp, lift, and perform jaw-dropping tricks with the flick of a wrist. Meet Zeus, the bionic arm developed by the ingenious minds at Aether Biomedical.

This high-tech silicone glove is equipped with 12 gripping modes, allowing each finger to move independently. With Zeus, users can conquer everyday tasks and beyond, proving that no challenge is too big for their newfound abilities.

Now, you might be wondering how these bionic limbs work their magic. Brace yourself for some cutting-edge technology! The Zeus arm is controlled by EMG electrodes that pick up electric signals from the user's muscles.

It's like having a direct line of communication between your brain and the bionic limb. These signals help users open and close the hand, change grip patterns, and even control the speed of their super arm.

Let's talk about the ultimate upgrade—direct nerve interfacing. This mind-blowing technology allows amputees to experience the sense of touch with their bionic limbs. It's like having a new chance at having a limb that can feel and recognize texture.

With these bionic limbs, one can perform complex movements with ease. Being able to touch, feel, and interact with the world around someone who lost those abilities, is a blessing all thanks to the power of technology!


Back to how Zeus came to its commercialization. Along with Joyance Partners and Sunfish Partners, Chiratae Ventures was the investor which participated in the funding round of June 2020. Out of the three, Chiratae Ventures invested an undisclosed amount in the medical robotics startup which was agreed to be utilized in commercializing Zeus across India and Europe.

The firm also aims to continue its R&D efforts by building the next generation of the bionic limb and building accessory products like prosthetic wrists and prosthetic elbows.

Aether Biomedical claims Zeus is a low-cost high-efficiency product aimed to make data-driven rehabilitation accessible and more robust. Its state-of-the-art product is priced at a much more affordable rate to bring a larger set of amputees under its purview, the company said.

According to Aether, there are reportedly more than 10 million amputees around the world, 80% of them live in developing countries where the penetration of prostheses is less than 10%. India and China are considered the fastest-growing markets for prosthetics and orthotics in the Asia Pacific region due to increasing aging populations, growing awareness about new technology, and the availability of funds.

The company said this is the gap it aims to bridge by bringing new-age, scalable, and insight-driven solutions. Some of its top markets include developing regions like India and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

As of today, these bionic limbs are not a far-fetched dream or a figment from sci-fi anymore. They are awe-inspiring, they are marvelous and most of all they are making a real difference by changing lives, out there in the world.

These cutting-edge inventions like the Zeus bionic arm are giving people superhuman abilities and helping them conquer the world. With each advancement in technology, we move closer to a future where disabilities are mere hurdles that can be overcome with a touch of innovation.

Edited by Shruti Thapa