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Experiment: Unleashing the Literary Symphony of Science

  • Since 2012, Experiment empowers curious minds to script experiments, democratizing science.
  • Over 47,000 patrons pledged $9 million, supporting 900 scientific projects, and creating a salon for unconventional ideas.
  • With $1.2 million in funding, Experiment's collection spans STEM to AI, fostering a literary festival for coexisting ideas.

The Library of Experiments

Welcome to the grand library of scientific exploration, where each experiment is a unique chapter waiting to be written. In this bibliophilic universe, Experiment stands as the curator, inviting you to dive into the diverse pages of scientific inquiry.

Writing the prologue

In the enchanting year of 2012, Denny Luan embarked on a literary journey, birthing Experiment—a platform that redefines the way we narrate the tales of scientific discovery.

With a passion for democratizing science, Experiment became the quill with which curious minds could script their experiments.

A literary patron for every experiment

Imagine Experiment as a literary salon where every scientific experiment is a compelling story seeking a patron. Since its founding, Experiment has played host to over 47,000 citizens who, in the role of patrons, have pledged a staggering $9 million, breathing life into 900 scientific projects.

These aren't just funded projects; they are sagas of knowledge, supported by a community that believes in the power of unconventional ideas.

Bill Gates, recognizing the significance of this literary endeavor, noted that Experiment "helps close the gap for potentially promising but unfunded projects."

It's a testament to Experiment's role as a literary agent ensuring that every scientific narrative, regardless of how unconventional, finds its voice.

The library collection: A symphony of diversity

Picture the library shelves adorned with volumes of knowledge across diverse genres. Experiment's collection spans from STEM education to AI for interspecies communication, mirroring the eclectic sections of our literary library.

With over $1.2 million in total funding, Experiment is not just a library—it's a literary festival where ideas, both mainstream and avant-garde, coexist.

The scientific prose: Lab notes and peer-reviewed publications

In our literary journey, lab notes are the annotations that unravel the mysteries penned in the experiments.

Over 46% of Experiment's literary projects are successfully funded, and when the final chapters are written, scientists from prestigious institutions like Stanford, Harvard, and Yale share their findings as peer-reviewed publications.

Why Experiment? The literary sonata

Experiment believes in the power of science as the ultimate reward, akin to the satisfaction one derives from completing a gripping novel.

The public funding model ensures that science becomes a public good, belonging to everyone who wishes to partake in this literary odyssey.

Transparency, another core belief, is the ink that writes Experiment's narrative. Rigorous project reviews and open sharing of scientific progress empower a trusting and united literary community.

Every dollar contributed becomes a vote for the next chapter in the scientific novel, propelling the boundaries of knowledge further.

The grand literary finale

As we close this chapter in the library of experiments, Experiment stands tall as the literary conductor, orchestrating a symphony of scientific exploration.

Join this literary movement, become a patron of knowledge, and witness the grand finale where every experiment finds its literary resonance.

In the end, it's not just about funding; it's about writing the epic tales that redefine our understanding of the world. Experiment—where every experiment is a masterpiece in the grand library of science.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa