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Empowering Financial Inclusion: The BharatX Revolution

  • BharatX pioneers inclusive financial solutions, bridging gaps for rural and semi-urban communities.
  • Their "Pay in 3" plan revolutionizes high-ticket transactions, offering interest-free installments and reducing operational barriers.
  • BharatX achieved a 10x growth in months, securing a $250,000 Pre-Seed round in 2021, propelling their mission to revolutionize financial inclusivity in India.

In the labyrinth of India’s financial ecosystem, one startup is carving a path toward inclusivity, addressing the gaping void that has long plagued millions—the financial exclusion of rural and semi-urban populations. Enter BharatX, a fintech powerhouse, spearheading a revolution in the domain of financial services.

A vision for inclusive financial solutions

At its core, BharatX stands tall with a mission: to bridge the chasm between the underserved and traditional banking services. Founded in 2019 by the visionary trio—Mehul Nath Jindal, Eeshan Sharma, and Shyam Murugan—this ingenious startup took flight from the halls of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Trichy. Their brainchild? To infuse technology with financial services, reaching the farthest corners of the nation.

The problem at hand

A staggering statistic looms large: nearly 480 million Indians lack access to credit due to myriad barriers—documentation woes, exorbitant interest rates, and the scarcity of credit in informal sectors.

BharatX recognized this gap and stepped in with an arsenal of digital financial solutions tailored to the specific needs of these marginalized communities.

Empowering through innovation

The company's hallmark offering, the “Pay in 3” plan, has emerged as a beacon of hope for high-ticket transactions in the e-commerce realm. This ingenious scheme allows customers to split purchases into three interest-free installments, boasting one of the highest approval rates in the market.

But it doesn’t stop there—BharatX is on a mission to embed credit seamlessly across over 50 consumer-facing platforms, obliterating credit risk and operational barriers for its partnered brands.

A stellar growth trajectory

In a mere four months, BharatX catapulted itself into the limelight, witnessing a staggering 10x growth in volume. Their collaborative approach with 50+ prominent brands in India, including industry giants, underscores the credibility and efficacy of their solutions.

Unlocking potential through funding

It was on 14 December, 2021; BharatX secured a substantial Pre-Seed round of $250,000, attracting investments from eminent angel investors and industry veterans. This infusion of capital is poised to bolster BharatX’s efforts in scaling embedded credit experiences, igniting a financial revolution across the nation.

Looking ahead: A visionary outlook

As we peer into the horizon of BharatX’s future, the prospects gleam with promise. Their T+1 settlements, seamless integrations, and commitment to shouldering credit risk epitomize the evolution of financial inclusivity.

But beyond the analytical metrics and milestones achieved, lies an emotional undercurrent—the promise of empowerment, the prospect of transforming lives.

A touch of emotion: The future unfolds

In envisioning the future, BharatX symbolizes not just a fintech entity but a catalyst for societal transformation. The vistas they aim to unlock are not just financial—they are about empowering dreams, enabling aspirations, and offering dignity through financial inclusion.

As BharatX steers ahead, let’s embrace the hope they instill—the promise of a more inclusive, empowered, and financially robust India. It’s not just about zeros on spreadsheets; it’s about the countless lives touched and transformed along this extraordinary journey.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa