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  • Jim Jones, an entertainment lawyer, founded Bump in 2020 to address creators' financial challenges.
  • Bump recently secured a $3 million seed round with ImpactX, Capitalize, and Serac Ventures.
  • The platform helps creators manage their businesses, track income, and negotiate contracts.

Jim Jones’ dad, a skilled engineer, musician, and minister, was performing at the churches on the East Coast. As the entertainment lawyer, Jones found handling large sums of money collected at the show difficult. He also heard dissatisfaction among the artists and other artists about such issues.

During the pandemic, creators had many difficulties as they had to find ways to make money working from home. To fight the problems, Jones and Anton founded Bump in 2020.

The platform assists the creators in their businesses' managerial and growth operations. Lately, Bump confirmed a $3 million seed round with ImpactX, Capitalize, and Serac Ventures.

Artists can utilize the Bump feature to see their income and market worth, which makes them capable of negotiating more advantageous contracts and keeping track of the funds every partner owes them.

In early 2022, Bump worked with Mastercard to launch a Bump Creator credit card with no hidden or monthly fees and doesn’t require a credit check to apply.

According to him, the fundraising process for Jones's company is the most challenging part. For instance, the bump had encountered some uncontrollable factors, a bear market and investors’ lack of interest in companies belonging to creative sectors.

Jones and his team faced rejection after rejection, but they did not give up and kept fighting to get their startup off the ground.

They were fearless and never thought twice about asking for investment and were even willing to face the backlash of being told no, judged, or ignored.

Bump raised capital through a seed round led by Heirloom Ventures, H/L Ventures, and Mana Ventures after about six months.

To date, they have raised $3.5M. Included among the existing investors are Snap Inc. and Sixty8 Capital. Through this financing, Bump seeks to grow and advance its foundation.

Edited by Shruti Thapa